Artificial Green Wall / Vertical Garden

This theme has colour and variety. A vibrant backdrop to enliven any setting. Make your own green wall masterpiece. Your design your way. simply rearrange the artificial plants for a fresh new look. You will be surprised how easy it is and all the different layouts you can achieve with a simple palette of 4 or 5 plant varieties.

artificial green wall design solution
artificial plants wall for company logo design
artificial greenery wall for Tetris game show
artificial vertical garden

Artificial Boxwood hedges

Our selection of outdoor boxwood hedges can easily turn entertaining, living, and dining spaces into a wide-open greenery lacking privacy and style. Our line of outdoor boxwood hedges in planters makes it possible to get the lush greenery you crave with the easy care of artificial plants.Browse through our products and inspiration galleries, and then give us a call to see what we can do for you.

artificial box hedging for backdrop
artificial boxwood wall
artificial boxwood hedge for indoor accent wall
artificial boxwoods for patio landscapes

Artificial Hedges Garden Decoration

Add an extra special touch to your garden with this Artificial Hedge for beautiful and privacy. Where a project calls for something fresh, green and cost-efficient, an artificial green wall achieves just the right balance of aesthetics and practicality.

artificial hedges for privacy screen
artificial foliage hedge screening
artificial green wall for yard
artificial boxwood hedges in planter

Cover unsightly items / places

artificial hedge to cover ugly sight
artificial foliages for unsightly item covering
artificial plants makes unsightly item elegant
artificial plants screen to cover high voltage box

Artificial Topiary

artificial boxwood ball for entrance décor
articial topiary ball in the pot
artificial topiary ball, triple balls
artificial boxwood pyramids
artificial boxwood ball for events decoration
artificial boxwood balls in planter before building
artificial topiary for landscaping
yellow boxwood balls in planters

Walkways/ Roads / Streets

artificial box hedging for front store décor
artificial vertical garden for walkways green wall
artificial hedges for chain link fence covering
artificial hedge screening for square landscape

Artificial Hedges In Planter

artificial hedges in planter-1
artificial hedges in planter-2
artificial hedges in planter-3
artificial hedges in planter-4

Events / wedding/ celebration

artificial hedge screening for wedding design
artificial hedge in planter for wedding design
artificial boxwood hedges for indoor temporary landscape
artificial boxwood wall for events landscape


artificial greenery wall for party design
artificial plant screen for bulletin board
faux plants wall for space divider
freestanding artificial plants wall for backdrop

From above the projects, artificial hedges are Perfect for fences, walls, patios, balconies, home, fence, balcony or wall,offices, salons, or shops to add some greenery indoors and outdoors. We pride ourselves in using a ‘ Right Plant I Right Place’ policy whilst ensuring you get the look and feel you want to achieve from your planting.