The metal frame we used is in premium aluminum. For any specific needs like wooden frame etc., we can custom make it for you as well!

Foliage Variety

You can choose from the hundreds of artificial foliage or bunches for your design. Our lifelike artificial plants can restore your idea perfectly.


Apart from artificial boxwood, you can choose from various faux hedge backing wall panels we offer. The backing is customizable as well.


Get Your Own Framed Hanging Art

Framed faux green wall can be tailor-made with specific design ideas!

Amazon Jungle - Wild Orchid


Eyes Closed, imagine you are now in the Amazon Jungle. Summer breeze off your face, the wide tropical weed waves with exotic orchid in white, purple or yellow all seduce you into this world’s best-kept secret.

Bloom the Colors of Life

The Garden of Earthly Delights


Morning, today is another day! Seizing the day begins from this little bunch of flowers. Growing from this green earth, fresh & bright like a babe bloom with all odes for life, for hope or for exists!

Artificial Framed Plants Wall Features

Benefit from framed green wall art for both your psyche & body

Full of designs

Framed boxwood wall art can be full of design with matching and mixing different kinds of artificial foliage in a creative way.

3D Green wall

The vertical garden art in photo frame on wall can help bring life to your bored wall or space with real natural-feel 3D effect.


All our framed green wall art can be tailor-made for specific application for any indoor or outdoor space transformation.

Green Concept

Green residential space concept calls on releasing both human’s body as well as heart with green plants for being closer to nature.