artificial hedge mats for green wall


Mat Features

Modular mat manufactured to specific size


We offer 25 x 25cm & 50 x 50cm modular squares.


Boxwood,Ivy,Laurel,Pink Lily,Lavandula,Azalea,Grass,Flower

Innovative Technology

Constantly develop new style in
terms of variety and quality.


Our mats can be used as wall coverings, shop decoration and building components.

artificial lemon leaf mats

Custom Shapes

Artificial mats come in 25 x 25cm square panels for easy installation, Instant beauty is at your fingertips

artificial boxwood mats

Artificial Green Walls

If our mats are used to cover walls, 50 x 50cm squares can cover more space.

yellow boxwood mat

Large Projects

As to the large projects, we can connet mats to form a roll before ship to you. It is easy for you to install.

super realistic artificial hedge mat

lifelike leaves

We study the structure of the natural leaves seriously to design the leaves Lines and shapes, Lifelike appearance.

artificial hedge mats with optional foliage type

Comtinuous Varieties

Artificial hedges mats roduct category: English Ivy, boxwood, geen walls, dark green and light green hedges

artificial boxwood hedge mat

Classical Mat

People prefer the tradition boxwood mats to utilizing in landscaping projects for many yearss. Artificial boxwood hedges and balls also belong to our classical mats.

artificial hedge mats for privacy screen

Outdoor vs Indoor

Artificial hedges mats can be placed outdoor and indoor. Then will help us treat it for maximum durability.

artificial boxwood hedge mat for window shop backscreen

Temporary vs Permanent

Whether you plan on an important event for a period of time or it will stay here for years,we will give you right choice for the best application.

artificial boxwood hedge screen for swimming pool privacy screen

Multiple vs One Time Use

Artificial hedges are easy to install and remove. so whatever multiple or one time use, our products can meet your needs.



We use the highest grade of color pigments for our hedges Line, which ensures that they will not fade even it exposed to sunshine, storm and 40 high temperature.

UV stabilizers

The UV stabilizers used in the manufacturing of our artificial hedges. Beautify your home without the worry of the sun fading or cracking your green space.


We use a commercial grade resin that is well-suited for enduring harsh weather conditions.


Unlike poor quality leaves on the market, we can ensure it is safeest artificial foloage meeting local, national and national tested standard.


Instruction Guide

We have made this video to assist you in installing your artificial mats.

Zip Ties

UV outdoor rated zip ties can be used for installations on metal screens.


Use a scissors to easily cut zip ties or the product to your desired size and shape.


Take the photos before and after, have a comparison. This pics will suprise you.

Installation Image Gallery

Take a look at our photos for an easier installation.

how to install artificial hedge mats
how to fix artificial ivy foliage mats