Artificial Boxwood Hedges For Feature Wall design
artificial boxwood hedges for privacy safety
Artificial Boxwood Hedges For Privicacy Screening
Artificial Boxwood For Fence Decor

Artificial Boxwood Hedges Screens / Walls

Whether you’re decorating your home, fence, balcony or wall, artificial boxwood hedge is the perfect choice to get instant results. They’re also perfect for add some greenery to your offices or shops.

The rich color and interesting texture make fake boxwood hedges an art piece without detracting from the other decor and architectural elements of your space. We devoted in developing various boxwood hedges with different colors and lengths in leaves.

Various Applications of Artificial plants product

faux boxwood hedges for area or space divider

1) For area or space divider. Plants are always used as natural area divider or space divider for indoors or outdoors to tell the boundary. Faux boxwood hedges, as a replacement of real plants, are also the best choice to bring impressive insight to the environment. It can set divider for neighboring wall in the courtyard and set up area divider in big restaurant hall as well.

artificial boxwood for billboard design

2) For billboard design. It is a creative idea to use faux boxwood in billboard ads design which will make it a really outstanding ad due to this special green carrier. Artificial boxwood hedges do not only have impressive appearance, but they also help to promote the concept of pollution-free world.

artificial boxwood hedge mats for shopwindow background

3) For shopwindow background. Artificial boxwood mats with proper size can be used to set up instant background for shopwindow where the props and scene are often changeable according to temporal market requirement. Artificial boxwood for shopwindow decor is convenient, reusable and cost-effective because artificial boxwood is durable, free of maintenance and easy to install.