Artificial Fabric Spray Features

Artificial natural touch sprig or leaves bushes are landscaper’s faves!

Largest Variety

We have the most variety of artificial foliage in the industry for any specific needs for your reference.

Customizable Design

These artificial branches can be mixed or matched creatively in different ways for an ultra aesthetic looking.

Outdoor Greenery

Our fake artificial leaves can be outdoor-rated with UV-protected & Fire Retarded and can keep fresh green for years.

Tremendous Uses

Our artificial fabric spray brunches mix can be put in basket, vase or on the wall for any kinds of decoration accessories.

Artificial Foliage Branches for Free-style Landscape Design


Diverse Mix Panels

With premium panels, artificial leaves branches can help add logo or letter designs to your artificial hedge wall creation for green marketing and attracting all to your site.

Premium Panels / Artificial Vertical Garden

Artificial bunches are perfect artificial vertical garden elements. With specific designs, our artificial bushes with different varieties can custom restore various amazing styles.

Art 3D Artificial Plant Wall

Framed art green wall is mainly composed with artificial hedges for basement, frame for a an uphold and artificial foliage branches as designer to present a 3D effect.