Hedges in Planter Features

Largest range of faux ivy privacy screen types for reference

Customizable Sizes

The artificial hedges in rectangular planter whose sizing can be tailor-made to fit in any projects.

Movable & Reusable

The planter can be installed with wheels to be movable to any place and reusable especially for renting business.

Various Foliage Types

Besides artificial boxwood hedges, you can choose to apply other artificial hedges type in the planter.


The artificial hedge in planter can be used to denote boundaries, protect privacy and board for any activities.


artificial leaves fence for green wall
artificial lemon leaf mats

Denote Boundaries

Artificial hedges in planter can work as barrier or boundaries for your storefront or any interior needs.

artificial boxwood mats

Safeguard Privacy

With these fencing artificial hedges, privacy screen becomes easier and it can help cover unsightly private items as well.

yellow boxwood mat

Event Decor

For events like party, wedding or Red Carpet, green hedges make great backdrop for photo shot and boundaries.

artificial lemon leaf mats

Standard Dimension

We have a standard sizing for a typical hedge of Thickness:16mm * Width:25mm.

artificial boxwood mats

Endless Sizing

You can choose whatever size that best meet your needs in any respects.

yellow boxwood mat

Custom Shapes

We can build different shaped hedges panels to custom fit your design.

artificial lemon leaf mats

Standard hedges

People usually likes to apply traditional boxwood or juniper hedges in their screening.

artificial boxwood mats

Hedges varieties

With R&D department’s contribution, we are able to offer more satisfied foliage variety to our customer.

yellow boxwood mat

Variable planters

Please inquire if you have any specific custom-made needs for the planter/baseboards material.



We use the highest grade of color pigments for our hedges Line, which ensures that they will not fade even it exposed to sunshine, storm and 40 high temperature.

UV stabilizers

The UV stabilizers used in the manufacturing of our artificial hedges. Beautify your home without the worry of the sun fading or cracking your green space


We use a commercial grade resin that is well-suited for enduring harsh weather conditions.


Unlike poor quality leaves on the market, we can ensure it is safest artificial foliage meeting local, national and national tested standard.