artificial vertical garden for indoor & outdoor landscape


Artificial Vertical Garden Features

We make wide range of aesthetic artificial vertical garden with certification and creativity

Customizable size

The ordinary size of our artificial vertical garden panels can be 50X50cm, 100X100cm, other special size required can be customized by those small panels.

Optional types

We have many kinds of artificial vertical garden panels, like single type artificial vertical gardens, we have boxwood leaves panel, grass panels, ivy leaves panel, we also have many mixed plants panels which are made of various plastic plants items.

Wide application

Artificial vertical garden and artificial green wall can be used for both interior and exterior place decoration or for other functional application like green wall, privacy screen.

Instant and everlasting greenery

Artificial vertical garden is the most instant garden which has no growing period, no watering and other complicated maintenance as natural plants. After its installation, the garden will be beautiful and pleasing everlasting.

small panels for artificial vertical garden


Panels for artificial vertical garden are optional, they have ordinary size and are connectable to make more size.

boxwood stand wall & vertical garden

Box stand wall

Box stand wall for vertical garden is the most instant and convenient one, just fix it in the expected place, then a vertical green garden is done.

artificial plant screen for chain link fence décor

Plants screening

Plants screening comes in the form of rolls with ordinary height, it is often used to build vertical garden of fence, or for wall covering, this green wall is much more economical than the foregoing two kinds due to its lower price and easier installation.

Single plant vertical garden

Single plant vertical garden

This type of artificial vertical garden and green wall is made of single foliage, and plants, it is vivid and lifelike.

Foliage & flower vertical garden

Leaves & flowers garden wall

This type is much more colorful, any new artificial green wall can be DIY by mixing single plants garden wall with your favorite plastic flowers.

artificial vertical garden queen

Artificial vertical garden queen

This type is the most expensive and gorgeous artificial vertical garden for its complicated plants types and structure, you can put various nice plants together to form a breathtaking garden wall.

artificial plant screening for green house

Green house

Instead of nurturing plants, this green house office realized by artificial plants nurtures the most creative and beautiful ideas.

aartificial green wall for building facade

Building facade

With the artificial vertical garden here, people no longer need to frequently replace live plants here.

faux plant wall for art

Wall Art

Artificial vertical garden is used like an art piece in the balcony, the artificial green wall there just helps to dial up the soothing factor and dial down the stress factor.


Design & Production

All our artificial vertical garden panels are accurately designed according to the appearance of real natural plants


Excellent imported new materials are used for production, we never use any recycled materials which will influence its quality and working time.

Test & Certification

All our artificial green wall screenings have passed light ageing test, UV test, heavy metal content test, etc.

Professional Teamwork

We have excellent team, every customer has one special personnel to follow and work with, every step is strictly guaranteed till customer confirm the delivery.

Artificial Vertical Garden & Green Wall