Q: What size do you have about your artificial hedges products? Do you offer custom sizes for your hedges?

A: Artifiical hedges mats regular size is 50cm x 50cm in one piece, Weaving grass is 1m x 3m, Expandable Faux Hedges Trellis is 1m x 2m. We create your hedges to the exact dimensions that you desire.

Q: Do you offer samples?

A: Yes, we offer samples of most of our products. We always encourage customers to request a free sample prior to placing orders.

Q: Which kind of certificates do your comamy own?

A: FIRE PROOF, UV REPORT, Heavy metal content test and so.

Q: Some clients worried about the quality and the after-sales service of artificial hedges.

A: First, we can send sample to our clients to make sure we have no quality problem. Second, we will make sure every piece of our product with top quality, because we have our quality inspector participate in the whole quality inspection process. Third, we can provide our clients quality assurance certificate. Finally, if there is any problem with our product, please take pics and send to us. Our professional technologist will help you to fix the problem.

Q: If it is hard to install artificial hedges?

A: If our clients need high intensity hedges to design a scene. We will recommend them suitable hedge products. Because different hedges has different leaves, different leaf has different size and intensity. So different hedges can create different scenes, to satisfy different client’s demand. Our clients just need to tell us what kind of result they want, we will provide them our professional recommend.

Q: If I have any questions about some of your products who can I speak with?

A: If I have any questions about some of your products who can I speak with?