Q: What is the material of artificial hedge?

A: 100% New fresh PE, no recycled waste PE included.

Q: What is the difference between New PE and the Recycled?

A: New PE: Items made of NEW PE is high in quality with super realistic look, vibrant in color and smells good, no sharp odor will release.
Recycled Waste PE: Items made of recycled PE is dim in color, and looks very fake along with sharp odor.

Q: Do your products have UV protection?

A: Yes, enough excellent UV powders are added during production, and our products have passed SGS UV Test, certificate of which can be shared.

Q: Are your products fire-resistant?

A: For our ordinary products, they are not fire resistant, but we can customize fire resistant items with higher cost for you.

Q: Can your products be used for outdoors?

A: Yes, SUNWING products with UV protection works great for outdoor use, almost 3 years’ working time is no problem.

Q: Are your products odorless?

A: Yes, our material is new PE. So the products smells good.

Q: Are your products friendly to environment?

A: Yes, our products have passed SGS Heavy metal test. We could share test report.

Q: What is your warranty time for outdoor use and indoor use?

A: Our warranty is at least 3 years for indoors and 5 years for outdoors.

Q: Do you provide official written warranty?

A: Yes. We offer official written warranty with our company signature on it.

Q: Do you have any certificate or test reports? Like UV test, heavy metal, lead, Phthalates test?

A: Yes, we have SGS UV test report, Intertek UV test report, SGS heavy metal Test report, and SGS Reach test report for them.

Q: Do your products have any problems of color fading, color difference, leaves falling off? And how to control these problems?

A: Color Fading: Within warranty, the color will fade very slowly. After warranty, if products under very strong sunshine, the color will fade fast.
Color difference: We have color standard for each item. And we keep record of color percentage for each item. During production, workers will check the leaves color and compare with standard one. And our QC team will do inspection before container loading to make sure everything is good.
Leaves falling off: QC team will inspect each order according to standard, once they find defective goods, we will do re-production.

Q: Do you provide any accessories, like zip ties, installation instruction?

A: Yes, we provide 10 pieces of green zip ties for each box. If you need, A4 size installation instruction for each box is also available.

Q: What is the selling advantage of your products?

A: 1) 100% new fresh PE
2) UV resistant
3) Environment friendly
4) 3 years warranty for outdoor, 5 years for indoor
5) Water proof
6) No sharp smell
7) Easy to install
8) Much denser. For boxwood hedge, SUNWING’s have 4 layer leaves while some suppliers provide only 3 layers leaves.
9) SGS UV certificate, Heavy Metal certificate, Reach certificate are all available.

Q: What about the quality of your package box? Can you print our logo or any other design on the box? Are there any extra cost?

A: We use standard exporting carton box with 5 layers of corrugated paper. Yes, we could print your brand information or logo or other design on package box. We also could help design a unique box for your company. For the extra cost, we need to check according to your design.

Q: How many sqm can a 20 ft container carry, how about 40 HQ container?

A: For boxwood hedge like A001, we could load around 966 sqm in one 20ft container, 2358 sqm in one 40 HQ container. If different items are mixed together, the calculated result will change.

Q: What size do you have about your artificial hedges products? Do you offer custom sizes for your hedges?

A: SUNWING regular artificial hedges mat size is 50cm x 50cm per piece and 12 pcs/carton. Weaving grass is 1m x 3m. Expandable Faux Hedges Trellis is 1m x 2m. Yes, we can custom manufacture our hedges panels to the exact dimensions that you desire.

Q: Do you offer samples?

A: Yes, we offer samples of most of our products. We always encourage customers to request a free sample prior to placing orders.

Q: Some clients worried about the quality and the after-sales service of artificial hedges.

A: First, we can send sample to our clients to make sure we have no quality problem. Second, we will make sure every piece of our product with top quality, because we have our quality inspector participate in the whole quality inspection process. Third, we can provide our clients quality assurance certificate. Finally, if there is any problem with our product, please take pics and send to us. Our professional technologist will help you to fix the problem.

Q: If it is hard to install artificial hedges?

A: If our clients need high intensity hedges to design a scene. We will recommend them suitable hedge products. Because different hedges has different leaves, different leaf has different size and intensity. So different hedges can create different scenes, to satisfy different client’s demand. Our clients just need to tell us what kind of result they want, we will provide them our professional recommend.

Q: If I have any questions about some of your products who can I speak with?

A: For immediate talk, our sales representative will stand by on the live chat for you. If the sales is not online, don't worry, leave us a message with your contact e-mail. We will reply back in a timely manner. For hurry issues, welcome to contact through sales@fauxhedges.com or call at (86)25-84681768 to get quick response.