Artificial Leaves Fence Features

Largest range of faux ivy privacy screen types for reference

Largest Variety

We can offer tremendous kinds of artificial flowers, foliage bunches and baskets for your indoor or outdoor landscape decoration.

Creative Designs

Our floral plants arrangement can be tailor-made with different inspirations. Any specific designs, welcome to customize.

Premium Quality

All our artificial plants in basket with or without chains are all in high quality for long-lasting residential or commercial uses.

Multiple Uses

Artificial floral hanging basket is fully-assembled for office&garden backdrop, wedding & holiday party and supermarket & hotel decor.


Realistic Faux Flowers

Artificial blooming flowering bushes for hanging basket or centerpiece are very realistic with tremendous varieties like daisy, pansy or geranium etc..

Artificial Foliage Bunches

Artificial plastic foliage bunches like Boston fern or philodendron as necessary hanging basket plants are ever-green leafy ornaments for both indoors and outdoors.

Various Baskets

Exterior artificial hanging baskets can be varied from materials like metal, plastic or dry grass and colors like black, white or so on to make your choice, your style!