How to install artificial hedges on a brick wall ?

Installing Instruction of Artificial Hedges:
1.Measurement Measure the wall size by a band tape and work out the exact quantity of the grid panels and artificial hedges needed.
2.Cutting the Grid Panels Into Appropriate Size Cut the grid panels into suitable size according to wall size.
3.Attaching the Grid Panels to the Wall Calculate the estimated punching position in advance and mark it on the wall.Use a electric drill to punch a hole at the marked position and fix the grid panels with.
expansion screws as above picture shows.
4.Taking Out of the Products Open the box with a knife carefully and pay attention to the texture and direction of our hedge panels.
5.Connecting the Hedge Panels Collect the hedge panels together to a suitable size by using snap-to-lock system.(Please notice the same direction)
6.Rolled for Storage The hedges can be rolled up for easier storage and handling.
7.Fastening the Artificial Hedge Panels Using the plastic cable ties to fasten the hedge panels and cut the extra parts of cable ties with a scissor.

How to install artificial hedges onto a timber fence?

artificial hedge installation & fixing-step 1


Measure the fence where you want to install the hedge.

artificial hedge installation & fixing-step 2


Open the hedge box.

artificial hedge installation & fixing-step 3


Connect the hedge as the size you need ,and pls notice the same direction of the hedge.

artificial hedge installation & fixing-step 4


If the hedge size is bigger than your fence or wall ,you could cut them to match the wall.

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