Authentic ISO&SGS Certified Artificial Hedges Manufacturer in China

  • 2019-08-05 15:51:40

As a leading artificial hedges manufacturer in China, our artificial plants factory manufacture only the premium artificial hedges plants supplies for global markets.
With the rapid development of people’s lives, more and more households and commercial property owners are pursuing high-quality artificial green wall plants that contribute to a better green environment.

Unlike small artificial plants workshop, our factory has passed strict certifications as ISO9001 & ISO14001 tested and certified artificial hedges manufacturer. Here is a brief introduction of some necessary SGS artificial hedges certificates we provide that will contribute to a more profitable business.
No.1 Heavy Metal Free

As is known to us all, non-toxic and no smell are required for using artificial hedge plants indoors especially for those living spaces where people talk and enjoy their lives. If you are business owners doing interior designs, landscape or architecture and would like to distribute and apply our artificial hedges plants on your wall covering projects. This certificate is necessary for clients who are worried about using these artificial plants interiors safely. Our submitted artificial boxwood hedges samples are certified by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Tianjin) Co., Ltd as complying with the limits as set by RoHS and will do no harm to human both on physical and psyche.

No.2 High UV Protection


To be used outdoors, these PE artificial hedges plants need to last even in harsh environments like strong sun exposure. Here in SUNWING, our factory is equipped with an expert who devotes in developing the most suitable plan to add UV additives for best UV performance of our artificial hedge plants. Our artificial boxwood hedges samples are submitted for light ageing test-UV exposure and proved to reach 4-5 grade UV protection of the international SGS standards.

No.3 Up to SGS Level B Fire-retarded Performance


For projects like shopping malls and stores interiors, artificial hedges plants for decoration need to apply to indoor fire code. Therefore, we also provide flame retardant artificial hedges certificate for professional artificial plants installers and commercial designers. Our Inherently flame resistant artificial foliage is tested to ISO 6925-1982 Textile floor covering-Burning behaviour-Tablet test at ambient temperature as determined by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services. Its fire-retarded performance can reach Level B which the highest standard in the markets.
With great UV protection, our artificial hedges can keep the best green performance for over 5 years indoors and at least 3 years outdoors. Artificial hedges warranty is also available for SUNWING artificial hedges plants resellers, dealers or distributors.
To help closely judge our artificial hedges quality, we present some comparisons on density, color performance, layers (height) between our Fresh PE artificial hedges and those recycled PE artificial hedges flood in the market.


SUNWING can not only manufacture artificial foliage in different colors. Our technology can now enable us to produce foliage in various color performance, for example, Matte VS. Bright as following picture shows.


Besides, we are beyond happy to share some of our clients’ projects before&after three years indoors and outdoors.


Some clients share with us that some cheap products can not last long and looks like melted plastic or fade in a very short time. That is not suitable for developing or expanding their business in high-end markets. There is no future for these cheap-looking artificial hedges plants. No matter if you have a China artificial hedges factory supplier or not, once you are interested in trying our artificial hedges plants. You are welcome to go and see our factory with a field inspection. Let’s discuss your market demand and requirements here. Welcome to check our website: (Latest product lines update here)
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