4 Best Artificial Hedge Applications from SUNWING Clients

  • 2020-08-18 00:04:51

By now, you are likely aware that artificial hedge has advantages over real hedge in maintenance cost, installation difficulty, and other aspects. But you may not be fully aware of its applications in exterior and interior decoration. Here are some real cases from SUNWING customers for your reference.

Exterior Artificial Green Wall

artificial plants application for garage.png

This is a case of garage decoration. The customer chose the panels to make a plant wall covering the four sides of the garage. This plant wall can not only cover the sun, prevent the car from external damage due to the sun, but also beautify the architectural appearance of the garage. Since it is a four-story garage on the ground, if the transparent glass is used without external decoration, it will appear abrupt and not integrated with the surrounding environment.

Artificial Hanging Plants Project

faux plants hanging project.png

As the picture shows, it is a novel way of faux hedge panel applications. The great aspects of this design are:

  • Maximize vertical space

These artificial hanging plants have rich foliage that spills out like a waterfall from the ceiling dramatically. Hedge panels on the ceiling increases the height of the house visually, making space look more three-dimensional.

  • Incorporate lifelike greenery into the eye-level vision

Just imagine, when you look up at home, it is not a bare ceiling, but a scene full of green, how pleasant it is. 

Artificial Hedge Wall Decor

artificial hedge green wall decor.png

This customer approached us for the improvement of their company’s lobby with an indoor green wall. So we used boxwood hedges with white flowers to decorate the wall. Green hedges add an injection of color into space, additional white flowers as the ornament brighten the dull wall and make the space full of vigor. Apart from that, Because this is the reception hall of the company, so we made an innovative way to combine the brand logo with the plant wall. Therefore, the decorated wall not only has ornamental value but also represents the image of the company and transmits the value of the company.

Artificial Topiary Art

faux topiary plant application .png

The artificial topiary always catches people’s eyes because of its unique design.No matter the topiary letters or large topiary models covering with artificial plants make the ordinary decorations more prominent. The light strips wrapped around the topiary make it an attractive landscape at night. The above picture shows the application of artificial topiary in train decoration. With the combination of topiary art and the lighting, such a spectacular and inviting train design is undoubtedly a beautiful scenery that will make you stop.

More Uses to Discover

In addition to the four cases mentioned above, there are some artificial plant applications which unknown to many people, such as:

  • Fence Extension

If you find your fence is a little low and the private space is not enough, you can use artificial hedge to extend its height.SUNWING hedges are easy to attach to fences as well as free-shaping, so they can provide instant privacy and block sight at any height. Another benefit of our hedges is that they are UV-engineered, therefore they will stay fresh look for many years to come without watering or care.

  • Noise Pollution Reduction/Improve Acoustic Performance

Noise pollution, whether at home or in the office, will affect people’s life and work adversely.There are lots of ways to improve the acoustics of a space, including with soundproof windows, flooring, and other furnishings. However, few people would consider an effective and simple way to reduce noise pollution-Artificial Green Wall Panels. By doing so, a quieter and less noisy space will come into realization.

Choose SUNWING, Help with Your Hedge Idea!

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