Best 3 Artificial Plants in Pot Categories in 2020

  • 2020-09-21 18:52:08

2020 seems to be a tough year as we are now experiencing an unprecedented epidemic. During this stressful time, most of us are cooped up inside and the time of sheltering ourselves in the same place is long enough for us to discover some interests, such as Indoor Plants Decor. Among all plants, Artificial Plants in Pot virtually has become popular since many people realized its irreplaceable benefits compared to real ones - less post-care, longer lifespan, more varieties without limitations required by environment conditions, etc.

In this blog, we have combed through 3 Sunwing artificial potted plant categories to select some best in-stock options of great market value for wholesale demand.

Boxwood Topiary Inpot

artificial boxwood topiary.png

  • What is Boxwood Topiary Inpot?

Boxwood Topiary Inpot is a lovely natural decor item for any indoor space. People prune and trim the boxwood foliage into a topiary or a bonsai to bring the outside greenery into home. 

Boxwood is an evergreen thick shrub that is originated from Europe and Asia. It was first used in Egypt in 4000 BC that the Egyptians planted and trimmed them into formal hedges Later, it was used for woodcuts and precision instruments in other cultures.

So far, the boxwood is abundantly branched and there are about 70 species which derived mostly from the two - common boxwood and littleleaf. For the first one, it is so familiar that no further introduction is needed. The second one hasn’t been seen before in the wild until it was cultivated in Japan since the 1400s. No one knows its place of origin, but it’s speculated that it was the result of hybridization. These days, it is widely used in landscaping, gardening and is useful in bonsai.

  • Why Boxwood Artificial Potted Plants? 

Different from other artificial plants, topiary is hand-assembled through exquisite craftsmanship and placed in a distinguished container. With the classic boxwood adding a romantic feeling, the artificial topiary arrangement has the following benefits:

  1. Simple post-care

  2. Versatile solutions for interior and exterior decor

  3. High-quality material which is UV-engineered

  4. Backed up by 2- or 3- year guarantee

  5. Evergreen appearance to brighten up your room and liven up your everyday life 

  • What Options are there?

1. Single Potted Artificial Topiary Ball 



The single potted topiary ball is made with classic boxwood leaves. Artificial boxwood, simple and beautiful, is perfect for adding elegance to interior settings, such as home, commercial buildings, etc. A chic way to use topiary balls is to place them on the table in the dining room just as shown in the picture. These boxwood balls with natural-looking beauties can be configured in many shapes to cater to your design need.

2. Artificial Topiary Boxwood Cone Tree

artificial cone tree.jpg


This artificial topiary boxwood comes in the shape of a cone tree. The naturalistic evergreen boxwood tree can be an efficient space divider. Several topiary trees can set a boundary between different functional areas. Owing to the UV-rated option, you can apply artificial topiary trees in your porch, patio or yard. 

3. Artificial Topiary Boxwood Spiral Tree 

artificial potted spiral tree.jpg


If you want to add more green to your place and don’t want to spend much time taking care of plants, artificial greenery would be your best choice. Artificial topiary spiral trees are one of your best alternatives.

Artificial PE Trees Inpot

faux potted PE trees.jpg

  • What is the Difference between PE and PVC artificial trees?

The use of PVC for trees is no longer a novel idea as the majority of artificial trees available on the market are made of PVC. However, when seen up close, these PVC-made trees can be relatively fake. Having said that, they are still very popular among customers due to their low price. 

PE (Polyethylene) trees on the other hand are now regarded as the only material that able to replicate the tree’s real-life look. Unlike PVC artificial trees which are made using cut-out PVC materials, PE trees use 3D needles, which are much more life-like than the common flat PVC needles, to create an eye-pleasing artificial tree with a realistic look. As the evident high quality of PE trees, they are usually pricey than average PVC trees.

  • What Options are there?

1.Artificial Tropical Trees Areca Palm

Faux Potted Areca-Palm.jpg


The slender leaves of artificial areca palm are evenly distributed and look very lush, it has been arranged to allow 360 viewing and you won’t find an unattractive side on these artificial tropical trees. This artificial tree made of PE does not require any care and will not fade easily. The 6-inch pot makes the base look very small, and all the leaves are detachable for easy transportation and storage. You will have the feeling of a refreshing spa in your retreat if you have this artificial tree plant indoor.

2. Large Artificial Plants in Pot Indoor Traveller Banana

fake traveller banana.jpg


This kind of potted large artificial tree plants is a convenient eye-catcher for any ensemble and filling out an empty corner or adding that pop of green every room needs. The wide tropical leaves are full of personality, which can make your space full of vitality and freshness. Our artificial traveler banana is composed of polyester, iron wire, and plastic. It is a beautiful imitation of real things and does not require maintenance. It can remain evergreen without being exposed to sunlight or watering. It is very suitable for your home or office, not only can improve your overall decoration, but also very suitable for all indoor or outdoor activities.

3. Artificial Yellow Edge Snake Plant



Delicate sword-shaped leaves colored with mottled greens are captured in this striking faux snake plant Better than real potted snake plants, it doesn’t require a green thumb as the shape is already trimmed. It saves time for you when you have better things to do than water plants and tidy up dead leaves. This item won’t vary due to seasonal changes, and you can have it all year.

Artificial Silk Plant Pots

fake silk potted plants.png

  • Why Potted Artificial Silk Plant?

First of all, the material ‘silk’, also called carving cloth or high gloss white canvas is soft in tactile feel and bright in color. Standing in a pot, these artificial silk plants are highly flexible and can fill in the blank space. The naturalistic appearance makes it eye-pleasing. Just like real plants, they can bring nature to your houses or working places. One or two plants can simply transform your place into a more comfortable one. Plus, Greenery is good for your mental health as well. They have powerful soothing effects that can help you relieve stress and restore energy.

  • What Options are there?

1. Artificial Plants in Pot with Maple Leaves

Maple Leaves potted plants.jpg


This product brings a feeling of autumn to the surroundings once it is placed at home. The color is a fusion of red, yellow, and orange, just like the sun in the fall. Each leaf reflects the detailed workmanship, even the serrations on the edges of the leaves are not missing.

2. Faux Leafy Fig Potted Plant



With large, irregular, beautifully shaped foliage, this artificial potted fig plant looks lovely and generous. As the leaf has already been trimmed, you don’t have to prune it or find the best fertilizer for it. Instead, you can enjoy the spectacular greenery without too many worries. 

3. Decorative Artificial Pansy Inpot

pansy flower potted plants.jpg


Pansy, cheerful blooming flowers popular in many areas, has a romantic implied message that is love remembrance. It is used to describe a person who has no other employment than to think of his beloved one. Carried with this special meaning, this artificial potted plants with pansy flowers will instantly beautify your home decor and create an exotic atmosphere. The pot size is suitable for application that whether it is an indoor corner such as a dining table or an outdoor scene like a balcony, it can be satisfied.

To conclude this article, we have selected 9 potted artificial plants from 3 categories. Apart from the items mentioned in this blog, Sunwing does have more variety for you to choose from. We are a leading and professional artificial plants in pot factory in China, always supplying advanced and superior products. For catalog or product lists, pls feel free to contact us thru