Highly Recommended Sunwing Artificial Plants in September 2020

  • 2020-09-08 02:20:49

Looking for things to liven up your place? Artificial plants are probably the best way as they can keep everlasting greenery and are super easy to maintain. Generally speaking, they are better than real plants in the following aspects:

Why artificial is always better?

  • Lifelike Appearance 

The question - Which is better, real plant or simulated plant, used to be a simple one to answer that real plant always wins. However, as the craftsmanship is becoming more exquisite, Few people can tell the difference between a real plant and a simulated plant unless they compare the surface closely.

  • No green thumb required

One thing that usually bothers people who try to bring a little Mother Nature into a home is that it’s not easy to keep plants alive and thriving. The artificial plant is a perfect alternative for people who are not born with a green thumb. Watering plants and tidying up dead leaves are not needed anymore.

  • Free of bugs

When raising plants, many people will be troubled by insects, especially in Summer when the weather is hot. Therefore, to keep bugs away is another reason that pushes many people to turn to artificial plants.

  • More variety to choose 

Each plant has different requirements for its growth environment, so the plant species available in the same place will also be limited due to the difference in the environmental climate. However, simulation plants can just break this boundary. You can set up simulation coconut trees at home, even in the cold, you can also enjoy the tropical atmosphere brought by plants.

Four simulated plants options for your home, office, or restaurant

1. Single Potted Topiary Ball 


Different from other artificial plants, topiary is hand-assembled through exquisite craftsmanship and placed in a distinguished container. The single potted topiary ball is made with classic boxwood leaves. Artificial boxwood, simple and beautiful, is perfect for adding elegance to interior settings, such as home, commercial buildings, etc. 

A chic way to use topiary balls is to place them on the table in the dining room just as shown in the picture. These boxwood balls with natural-looking beauties can be configured in many shapes to cater to your design need.

2. Decorative Artificial Leaf Fence Panel

artificial leaf panel with flower.jpg

In September, we launched the new artificial leaf panel. In the design, we used the leaf panel as the base plate and the pink flowers as the embellishment. It is a great way to disguise fences and walls or add some extra privacy to your garden.

3. Sweet Grass in Planter

sweet grass in planter.jpg

With 1 meter high, this sweet grass can simply add a pop of color to your home! Set up in a stable pot, it is difficult to break into pieces. Such plants can be placed in the living room or at the front door as they can truly brighten up the environment and let you take off the pressure and feel at ease. 

4. Artificial Moss Panel 


If you are thinking about a novel way to decorate your living room or lobby, you can try our new artificial moss panel. It can be used to create a vertical garden with an amazing look that can easily delight your visitors. The artificial moss panel is perfect for both residential and commercial settings as it can withstand indoor climate conditions such as limited natural light and dry air due to air conditioning.

PS: You can place them inside or out—they are UV-engineered so they won’t fade quickly

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