Outdoor & Indoor Artificial Topiary

  • 2020-02-25 03:48:00
  • Sunwing

Best Topiary Balls 

Bountiful boxwood bundles together for a lush, green topiary arrangement. The artificial boxwood topiary balls come with 4 regular diameters of 18cm, 28cm,38cm and 48cm. Different sizes of the topiary balls have diverse application. For example, the smallest ones are usually fitted with pots, which are suitable to be placed in a pair on a hallway table or atop the mantel for a display that brings the outdoors in. Large topiary balls in pots looks grand and gorgeous, which is the perfect addition to front porch. 


Apart from artificial boxwood topiary balls, it can be customized to your desired size and shape like cone,heart with flowers or exact foliage. A simple set of string lights can totally transform the topiary ball into a radiant work of art. Choose softer LED lights to brighten dimly lit areas with an exquisite topiary design,or create a cozy look in patios, gazebos, pergolas or lanais. 



  •  Material: 100% fresh new PE

  •  Regular size: 18cm, 28cm, 38cm, 48cm

  •  UV Stable: Yes or optional

  •  Fire resistant: Yes or optional

  •  Warranty: Outdoor 3 years, indoor 5 years

  •  Certificate: UV Test Report by SGS and Intertek,Heavy Metal Test by SGS

  •  Package: Depend on the size

  •  MOQ: 50 pieces

  •  Supply Ability: Order for manufacture


Artificial topiary trees

Sunwing has a diverse selection of artificial topiary, including cone, spiral and ball trees. These artificial topiary trees can be a great way to add a sense of personality and flair to any room. You can make your home look like it is in good order all the time because of your perfectly trimmed topiary trees. And shaking up the holidays with a lighted spiral topiary tree is also an excellent idea, especially for Christmas or Halloween decor.

Artificial spiral topiary tree

Here is a budget-friendly tutorial to make your own and topiary decorating ideas.


Step1: Buy pre-made artificial topiary balls.

Step 2: Pick out a decorative pot as a base of the tree.

Step 3: Find some long straight branches and trim them for a trunk.

Step 4 : fix the topiary trunk to the base and cover with soil to make it realistic.

Step 5 : Cut holes in the artificial topiary balls and insert them into the trunk.


Then, a delicate DIY artificial topiary tree is finished. Solo-spheres topiary tree is are great for adding just the right amount of everlasting greenery while multi-sphere one can easily offer vibrant color and incredibly realistic and perfectly trimmed landscape. 

artificial topiary ball


Decorative Topiary Plants 

Faux-ever fresh and incredibly lifelike, the artificial topiary is perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration. It can breathe life into any room and add a beautiful presence to your home. A nice artificial boxwood topiary tree sitting in a home office can provide a sense of stress relief and escape from the clamor of working life. 


Better yet, we offer an option with UV protection, which has a 3 year warranty for outdoor use. Our artificial topiaries are compliant with ISO 9001, which means that it has been tested and proven to last longer outdoors in the sunlight and against harsh weather elements such as snow, wind, and rain. Let your front-door committee greet your guests with a welcoming invitation of delicate artificial topiary trees. Or simply add this fresh-looking evergreens in your yard, allowing you the opportunity to display it in full view of the neighborhood, without fearing damage from the natural elements.