Anti Graffiti Green Wall with Artificial Vertical Garden

  • 2017-08-14 14:11:34

Graffiti is actually a art to add idea or inspiration to deserted walls. However, it caused urban blight when it is applied improperly. Storefront and outdoor walls of small business and property are targeted repeatedly by gang taggers or graffiti artist for art creation. Commercial owners, local government and even residents attempted anxiously for ways of prevent graffiti damage to their walls or building properties. Graffiti resistant paint or live vertical garden may be helpful but costly, impractical and not long-lasting. Reusable artificial green wall may be the key to kill two birds with only one stone.


Artificial hedges wall or artificial vertical garden are two of our hot sale green wall solutions. As they are made botanically correct with lifelike appearance, it is hard to tell it is fake especially at night when crime and vandalism do the most wall surface damages. These graffiti lovers would move on to choose easier alley wall for art creation. This prevent most graffiti issues.


Usually, a art graffiti wall can help beautify the city but now all around San Diego, there emerged more and more tagged walls which are very terrifying. The passers-by and customers would feel uncomfortable seeing them. This made several large building or property value plummet and cost them billions to repaint the large wall frequently as the graffiti would reveal the next day which snagged all the hard cleaning and graffiti-removal work. Needless to say, how harmful this will do to those ordinary families. 


For anti graffiti purposes, artificial green wall is gradually installed by contractors or business property owners on exterior alley walls, temporary construction barriers, mediums overpasses or storefront up to six feet high. For outdoor application, these artificial plants has to be equipped for harsh weather and sun exposure. For this point, our artificial hedges plants wall get outdoor-rated with UV-protected and fire-retarded. What is more, our artificial hedges can stay outdoors for over 3-5 years which makes it reusable for another area of wall coverage. With a changed style, these colorful artificial hedges or vertical garden bunches can present you another art wall with aestheticism and practicality which preventing the graffiti at the greatest extent.

Our premium artificial hedges green wall products has passed all international certification standard. With tight budget, our factory artificial hedges green wall products will be your top choice.