Create an appealing landscape of your construction project with artificial hedges

  • 2017-06-01 09:33:39

Artificial hedging in recent years has advanced incredibly which makes the product much more flexible and suitable for different environments and designs. The foliage that is used now looks 100% botanically accurate and UV stable which means it will not discolor or fade outdoors leaving it fully maintenance free and looking lush and healthy for many years, all year round.


Not only being used for indoor and outdoor wall decor, u can be more creative! How about creating a fairy landscaping of your big construction with these hedges, Say a bridge?

Here let us have a view of one of Sunwing successful design of a tree bridge.

Regarding the trunk,we work with Styrofoam material and we coat the Styrofoam with Cement and Polymer and resin.Most important, our high quality artificial leaves shape up the whole bridge to make it feels overriding a forest.

Our leaves are all made of new material with UV stabilizer and are strongly attached,you do not need to worry about the wind.For this project,the wind speed will reach 80km/h,if the leaves is not tight,that would be a disaster.While our leaves can easily withstand 110km/h by car testing,such things can never happen to you because of our multi-connect system as below.