Application Display of Vertical Garden Wall Design

  • 2020-12-11 15:53:41
  • Sunwing

One of our clients sent a message saying that they wanted us to use the vertical garden wall to help him design an indoor wall. In this regard, we have given some targeted suggestions based on past experience. Taking into account the needs of different groups, we made a simple sorting and classification.

Indoor Artificial Garden Design

Most end customers are individual users, and many of them buy artificial vertical garden wall for home decoration. Some are also used on commercial occasions. According to the different indoor environments, the vertical garden design roughly divided into four types.


If the indoor light is sufficient, we recommend using a dark pure bunch plant wall to reconcile it, such as this series of splicable artificial vertical plant walls. The artificial plants in dark tones appear atmospheric and layered under the light.

artificial garden design indoor.jpg

Indoors with general lighting conditions, light green plants are more popular. When choosing the artificial leaves accessories, the colors should not be too mixed. If it is the similar color, the gradual color from light to dark can increase the visual sense of hierarchy; if you want to feel the visual impact, you can add a small range of bright colors such as red or yellow. This kind of collocation can make the whole interior look more vibrant.

indoor framed garden wall.jpg

Private apartments are not suitable for the above designs. Simple basic items are more suitable for small spaces and can better serve as an embellishment. In addition, we do not recommend installing the entire wall, this time weakening the sense of space in the room, the decorative effect of framed vertical garden wall will be better.

verticasl garden wall as background.jpgartificial garden in the mall.jpg

In addition to home use, artificial garden designs are also used in many places in offices and commercial places.

Many companies will use the artificial garden wall as the background of the company's LOGO at the entrance. When choosing a design, you can have some bold attempts from the choice of colors and accessories. Bright colors can make the whole wall more vivid and big leaves look generous. Such a company entrance can give visitors a good first impression.

When plant wall decoration is used on commercial occasions, the demand will be relatively large. Considering the factors of cost and aesthetics, it is recommended to choose simple styles with regular patterns.

Artificial Vertical Garden Outdoor

As most artificial plants are UV-protected, you can safely apply the artificial plant wall outdoors, and you can have more choices for outdoor design.

When used outdoors, it is generally used as a cover for fences and exterior walls. It needs to have a better covering ability to protect privacy. When choosing a product, pay attention to whether it is dense. Outdoor applications need to consider the surrounding environment, so the colors should be similar to the surroundings. Also, you can mix real plants with artificial plants to give a fake effect.

 vertical garden wall outdoor.jpg

Some of the above artificial garden design suggestions are based on past experience. If you want more specific design solutions, we can provide a professional design team to serve you. Please send e-mails to us to get more infotmation.