Applications of Artificial Boxwood on the Roof

  • 2020-12-18 16:03:14
  • Sunwing

Boxwood has always been very popular. In the order statistics of the past year, artificial boxwood hedge has the best sales volume and has a wide range of applications. In some recent questions asked by customers, the application of fences on roofs has been mentioned many times, and we took this to study the specific application methods.

Why Choose Artificial Boxwood For Roof Decor?

1. As a high-quality artificial fence, it has all the advantages of artificial plants, including fire resistance, UV resistance, etc., which can ensure safety when decorating the roof, and can withstand strong sunlight, and can be decorated outdoors for a long time use.

2. Artificial plants do not need to spend time and energy to take care of, and will not stain your roof.

3. As a roof covering, covering ability is very important, and boxwood hedges can do this. According to the customer's target price, we can provide boxwood leaves with a variety of panels and different layers, and customers can always find one that meets their requirements.

How to Decorate the Roof with Boxwood Hedges?

We generally say that roof decoration is applied to the outdoors. It is necessary to install iron mesh on the roof as support for artificial boxwood, and then fix the fence on it. This will give you a roof full of life, and you can add other decorations to it if you like. In the case of a sufficient budget, this kind of fence product with covering function should try to choose relatively dense panels and leaves.


In addition, some customers want to use boxwood fences to decorate indoor ceilings. The iron mesh is also required when installing. Considering the load-bearing problem, it can be as light as possible  without affecting aesthetics. Using this method to make your interior unique will also add a bit of green to your surroundings.


Other Common Decorative Uses of Boxwood

Artificial plant roof decoration is still relatively niched at present, and there are not many people who apply it. Boxwood decoration actually has more common uses. If it is used in a courtyard, it can play a role in protecting privacy; if it is used in an ordinary residence, it can be used as a window decoration; if you want to know other information, you can also contact us.


The following are some related introductions of artificial boxwood applications to provide some references for your practical applications.