Artificial Hedging-the Best Green Wall Solution

  • 2020-08-28 01:40:24

Almost everyone likes spring for gentle breeze and alive greenery, yet no one wants to spend endless hours and days planting seeds, pulling the grass, and cutting hedges. What’s the solution? The answer is artificial hedging. With high quality simulated hedges, a beautiful and stunning green instantly comes into your eyes and leaves you a hassle-free result that frees up time to get on with other important things in life.

In this blog, we first share with you a case of artificial hedges in green wall design from one SUNWING customer and then introduces the last style artificial hedge panel of the summer sale. 

Notice: It is approaching the end of this August promotion, try to grab the golden opportunity otherwise you will have to wait another year. 

A Real Client Story

artificial green wall .jpg

Ashley, a landscape designer, has been in the Netherlands for a long time in the business of simulation plants, indoor green walls, etc. A few years ago, he learned about our company through SUNWING's website and contacted us for a project. He wanted to order a batch of artificial boxwood hedges for a try on one of his client’s projects. After this cooperation, Ashley is quite satisfied as SUNWING hedges received a high reputation among customers. And Ashley begins to apply more artificial hedges on his projects and soon became our first wholesaler in the Netherlands.

For that first cooperation, we’d be glad to share its details.

Exact GO, a Dutch furniture company approached Ashley for improvement of their company’s lobby with an indoor green wall. They looked for many local manufacturers previously but failed for reasons like the factory production capacity is not large enough for customization, unable to provide hedges with desirable colors, let alone certificates for valuable features.

So, Exact Go contacted Ashley for help and list their own needs for better understanding:

Client's Requirements

1. The Netherlands has a Mediterranean climate that is cold and humid and it rains frequently throughout the year. The company emphasized that the wall decor needs to be waterproof.

2. As the opposite side of the decorative wall is a large French window, the product must be UV resistant, not easy to fade, and is guaranteed by certificates.

3. In consideration of employee health, it is required that the material of the plant wall does not contain heavy metals, no toxic gases, and can be fire-resistant.

4. The Netherlands is a country that values environmental protection, hence products need to be eco-friendly, recyclable.

5. Easy to install, and the company's logo is required on the plant wall.

A Customized Manufacturing Plan

Generally speaking, it is quite tricky for manufacturers to come out with such products qualified with the above features. However, at SUNWING we embrace challenges. Therefore, when Ashley contact and discuss this tough project. We checked the requests and contact the factory to come out with an exclusive production plan for this prosperous market. Although many problems are coming out in the ways, we finally manufacture the right product for the client. 

After this cooperation, Ashley finds out the artificial hedging plant potential:

First, adding artificial plants and flowers to the environment can relieve living or work pressure and improve work enthusiasm and labor efficiency; 

Second, compared with real plants, the artificial plant has a lower maintenance cost and is beautiful as well as easy to take care of.

He believes that this trend will spread and continue in the future. And eventually, he became our first client in the Netherlands.

Related Product Overview

In this case, the green wall uses artificial hedge style A096 as the base, with foliage branches and flowers as ornaments. This one is available in two colors, green and yellow. With the effect of brightening the environment, it can be freely combined or matched with other styles to meet the needs of different designs.

artificial hedge panel.jpg

About SUNWING Artificial Hedges

At SUNWING, we commit to the motto that quality comes first and we offer the best artificial hedges in the market. Here are some of the features and benefits of the products:

  • Lush and lifelike appearance 

  • Zero added expense and maintenance

  • UV-coated and fire-resistant

  • On-trend style and customizable

If you are interested in starting artificial hedging plants business or are engaged in the artificial plant industry, don't hesitate to discuss your business plan or project thru our email!