Artificial boxwood hedges work as barrier during construction

  • 2017-06-08 09:26:42

Landscaping project is always very important of beautifying the city. During building construction, here and there is all building area in the mess. Also in order to keep the passers-by away from the dangerous building, you can see the building border fencing there. Although it keeps people safe, it greatly affect the city appearance. As we know, usually the building time of one construction project will last very long. So maybe we need some landscaping decoration for the border fencing.

With artificial boxwood hedge to install on the border fencing, it not only beautifies the fence, but also makes people feel relaxed when they see the green hedge. And it is very easy to install. Almost only zip ties are needed for this installation. What's more, if you add some DIY design for the decoration, it can be a lightspot in this city.

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