Artificial Boxwood Hedges Series -Summer Sale

  • 2020-08-05 03:24:57

Summer is on, it's time for adding a bit greenery to cool down outside hot weather as well as bringing vitality to things affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 with artificial boxwood sale We hereby introduce you to the most favored series of all our products -Artificial Boxwood Hedges. It has long been an ideal option for interior and exterior decoration. Applications can cover almost everywhere, depending on your request. They can be used to beautify unsightly views at home such as bins, enrich garden or balcony, or as a fence for screening. With high quality guaranteed, panels are made of LDPE that are UV-, water-, and fire-resistant, leaving you with a maintenance-free result. Following is a brief introduction and comparison of four types among this series.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges Classic Style A001


Features &Benefits:

  • The material of which is derived from real Milan leaf.

  • Each size is 20' by 20', easy to pack and install.

  • With 4 layers creating a dense effect, different from other hedges on the market, 

  • Backed by thick and strong structural grid, difficult to tear apart.

  • Diverse colors and styles provide you with many options to choose from for your market demand.

Artificial Long Boxwood A006


Features &Benefits:

  • Compared to A001, same in material, different in height and layers

  • Long orchid leaves presenting the 3D visual effect

  • Five layers looking lush and more flourishing

  • 8 different colors -green, young green, white, purple, rich purple, red, orange, and yellow, catering to more needs.

Comparison Between A001 &A006 


comparison of two hedge panels.jpg

As is shown in the above picture, it is suggested that A001 for privacy and fencing coverage while A006 for wall decoration or other design purposes. To meet more customers' requirements, adaptations of these two styles have been made and they are named as A013 and A036.


Faux Boxwood Hedges A013

Made of artificial Milan leaves with the highest degree of simulation compared to A001.


Faux Boxwood Panels with flowers A036

Heart shape leaves with white flowers adding vibrancy to the surroundings.

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