Artificial Fence used for Property Decoration

  • 2020-12-25 14:28:32
  • Sunwing

Tall buildings are not unfamiliar in most cities. Property offices have gradually become independent and evolved into office buildings. Ordinary small buildings are inconspicuous in the park. Therefore, some customers have proposed to decorate fences with artificial plants to make them unique.

The Benefits of Artificial Fence Decoration to the Property

The appearance of general property office buildings is very ordinary, and there is no iconic pattern that can be recognized at a glance. The artificial hedge wall has a good decorative effect, and there are multiple styles and colors to choose from. By installing these colorful artificial plant walls, the exterior walls and fences of the office buildings can be renewed, and visitors can be brightened.

The workmanship of artificial plant products is getting better and better, and its fidelity can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment, enough to be fake, and because it will not wither, it can stay bright for a long time, and it will appear unique among many buildings.


Suitable Artificial Outdoor Plants Decoration

Because it is used for property decoration needs, the selected artificial plants should be both practical and decorative. Considering factors such as cost, several types of products meet the requirements.

Artificial fence


Each of the most common fences has a single shape, but the advantages are that they are rich in styles and colors. When used on external walls or fences, choose a denser style as much as possible, and the effect of covering and privacy is better.

Artificial grass fence


This style is suitable for continuous use in large areas, such as fences. Because it is generally a coiled wire fence, it is very convenient to fix the wire and the fence together during installation.

Artificial ivy trellis

artificial ivy trellis application.jpg

The property office building may not have a special fence. At this time, the wicker fence can be a temporary substitute. When there are more visitors, it will form a special small courtyard, which will be more conspicuous in many ordinary buildings.


How to Clean and Replace Artificial Fence

Cleaning: Products used outdoors like this are more likely to be contaminated with dust and cover the original colors of plants, so they need to be cleaned regularly. Artificial outdoor plants are much easier to clean than indoor products. Our artificial fence is very strong and will not fall off easily. You can choose to wash it directly with a water gun on a sunny day. After the water evaporates, the original luster of the artificial fence can appear. (More maintenance methods can refer to Tthe article How to Maintain Artificial Plants)

Replacement: Generally speaking, we will recommend customers to buy the UV-protected artificial fence. Under normal use, they can be used outdoors for three years, and they do not need to be replaced easily. If you want to replace it, you only need to cut the strap or metal ring used to fix the fence and then tie the new replacement product to the fence or iron mesh.


In most cases, the practicality of the artificial hedge wall is higher when it is applied to the property. Some of the above product recommendations also try to choose a more beautiful one under this condition. If you want to know more application methods and style recommendations, please contact us on time and our designers will also provide you with services.