Artificial green wall as the backdrop

  • 2017-05-17 09:29:37

If you like to observe details of life, I am sure that you will find many beautiful artificial green walls around you. For example, in the shopping mall, in the ceremony, in the fashion show etc.

In the shopping mall, there are different kinds of shops. But how to attract customers to walk into your shop? it is not only the goods but also the decoration style. As we all know, the first impression of a shop to customer is very important, the idea of using artificial green wall will not be better more, free in design and easy alterlation at any time. 


In the ceremony, such as wedding ceremony, the decoration must be very creative and attractive. when people are in a very relaxing and comfortable environment, the happiness also will be magnified. 


In the fashion show, I think most young people will watch fashion shows and watching their favorite stars performance. Before fashion show, stars will walk in the red carpet and showing poses in the front of background wall. Recently, artificial green wall is preferred not only because it is beautiful but also it provides more relaxing and comfortable environment.