Artificial Hedge Plants for Commercial Design in 2021

  • 2021-01-12 15:45:44
  • Sunwing

We have seen many artificial hedge plants on commercial occasions, they attract customers with different forms, functions, and visual effects. Among the many simulated plant products, some designs will be more suitable for commercial applications. Through appropriate selection and collocation, these artificial plants decoration can attract customers' attention and maximize their practical effects.

Artificial Hedges Wall Design and Recommendation

Commercial wall decoration can be roughly divided into two types according to its purpose. One is to exist as a background display wall, usually with logos or photos on it. This kind of background wall generally requires uniform color, and the brightness cannot overwhelm the exhibits. When choosing an artificial hedge wall, it is recommended that the leaves have similar colors and are densely distributed. The darker tones have a better set off, and it can also relieve customers' eye fatigue and relax the mood.


Another way to directly decorate the wall is to attract the attention of passersby. The wall decoration design for this purpose is very rich. It can be similar to the environment style of shopping malls and shops, bold color matching can be used to bring visual impact, or it can be made into a pattern design with a theme. At this time, artificial leaves and flowers can all become decorative elements added to the wall.


Movable Artificial Hedge Plants Commercial Use

In many commercial places, movable artificial plant decoration is more convenient than real plants, and the relative cost is also lower. In practical applications, there are two types of artificial hedge plants worth recommending.

Artificial hedge planter

artificial planter commercial use.jpg

The shape of the planter is a movable wall partition, which can be directly used for regional partitions in open spaces, commonly found in restaurants, hotels and some outdoor commercial areas. The size of planter can be selected, and it can protect privacy in local spaces, while ensuring practicality while taking into account aesthetics.

Artificial potted tree


The green environment of commercial places will affect the consumer experience of customers. Small potted trees are the most direct decorations, but the indoor environment cannot provide the nutrients needed by the plants and often requires time and energy to take care of, so artificial trees have become a good substitute product.


Desktop Decoration with Artificial Leaves and Flowers

The most convenient artificial plant decoration for DIY design are artificial leaves and flowers. There are many choices of these products, which can meet the needs of color, shape, size and other aspects. Through different permutations and combinations, unique products can be created. Fake leaves and flowers are often combined with vases in commercial applications. They are placed on dining tables, counters, shelves and other places as ornaments. They can also be seen in many retail stores and have good commercial value.

 artificial leaves and flowers on the table.jpg

The commercial value of artificial hedge plants is prominent in practical applications. With the help of professional design, it can better fit the styles of different commercial occasions in different combinations. As an experienced artificial plant decoration supplier, we have a professional design team that can provide you with decoration suggestions. Welcome to contact us and we can provide more detailed information.