Installing artificial hedges to enhance privacy as well as beauty

  • 2017-05-11 09:38:32

Applying artificial greenery for safeguarding privacy has been very common in modern days for home decor and garden transforming!

These lifelike artificial boxwood hedges or grass can also be used for landscaping as well. The top application is for backdrop wall creation with or without planter. This kind of green wall is of tremendous styles and called vertical garden which is made with mixture of different plants like grass, trees or flowers! Let’s see several successful applications:

Flower wall for photo shoots 


These remarkable installation enhances privacy but also creates a exotic and beautiful view for photography. Therefore, it is good for event decor like parties&weddings or festive reunion as well! It can also be applied in fence screen for privacy like the following:

Party screen decor

 Copy of getaway.png


This beautiful decor is wonderful for the following three reasons! Firstly, it can cover unsightly items and create any theme or atmosphere you want whether it is for indoors or outdoors as it’s UV-engineered. Secondly, it can help protect privacy of your life by blocking views and noise from outside as our high-quality artificial plants can reduce noise with high density! Last but not least, these works of art is very pleasing to the eye and have done a good job in event decoration and restoration of all kinds of ideas and designs!


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