Artificial Hedges Will Be a New Product Line for Synthetic Grass Company in 2019

  • 2019-03-14 16:57:50

When synthetic grass business has developed into a mature industry for most overseas markets, many business owners are seeking new product lines for boosting their clients’ needs, consumptions and finally their sales.

Hereby we introduce artificial hedges, a new kind of thriving product as extra supports to your artificial grass business.

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Why artificial hedges, not artificial flowers, trees etc.?

Nowadays, when people say they need artificial greenery, it does not only means that they need artificial turf only, they may also need artificial foliage, flowers or trees etc. For artificial trees, it will not be a good idea for most overseas buyers or sourcing managers to import for its heavy weight and costly shipping. As to artificial flowers, it will be dull and plain with only flowers for décor. Combining advantages of both artificial foliage and flowers, artificial hedges are produced with simple structure & light weight for easy shipping and delivery.

These PE greenery panels are lifelike and dense enough to offer nearly 95% coverage and privacy. The structure details are shown below for reference.

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They can be easily assembled and installed on walls or fences as perfect green walls and screening materials. Therefore, artificial hedges are somehow supplementary to artificial grass for both decorations and landscapes. We have now developed over 100 styles of foliage panels. Catalogs can be download at:

Why artificial hedges will be a new trend?  

SUNWING has something to share. SUNWING as a 15-year artificial plants exporter earned his first pot of gold on artificial grass. For most local markets, people prefer to apply artificial grass everywhere to decorate homes or commercials for temporary or everlasting purposes.

We did perform well in the first 3 years but even artificial grass seems omnipotent to do everything for garden, the demand of customers is ever-changing as they always ask for something different with amazing details and styles. Therefore, we adapt to the change and begin to develop new product lines for our clients. Artificial hedges are most successful kind among those tremendous products we developed.

Data from our 2018 sales report shows most of SUNWING artificial grass clients begin to regularly order artificial hedges for their business.  

Why choose SUNWING?

1.    SUNWING artificial hedges are totally made with fresh PE.

If recycled PE artificial hedges means poor quality, fresh PE hedges are made with better quality and performance of course.

2.    As factories, we can add UV treat and fire retardant according to clients’ local demand

3.    SUNWING now have already developed many artificial hedges series products like artificial topiary balls for hanging or in pot, framed green walls and boxwood in planters.

4.    Customizable design for local tastes and likes

Our artificial hedges panels are customizable with different foliage, flowers or foliage sprays. Our designers regularly develop new green wall designs like following:

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If you have any special designs in mind, we offer bespoke services in which you can choose whatever foliage panels and foliage sprays as you like. We can customize green wall panels to your requirements or you can DIY to fulfill the best effect. For clients who have such requirements with large following orders, we always offer totally free samples for that.

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5.    Severe quality check system with 1 to 1 sales standby all day 

We offer both self-check and third party check of product quality. Any request, we have professional sales team to help solve problems in time.


 SUNWING artificial hedges products are shipped to over 50 countries for tremendous purposes. We actively work with overseas landscapers and designers on many interior or exterior landscape transformation. The following are some of our clients’ works with our artificial hedges products.

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Most overseas brand like hedgescapes, easily and evergreenwalls are now majorly doing artificial vertical garden which is actually a complex version of artificial hedges. As a popular artificial grass manufacturer, you already have the reputation and traffic basis with years of accumulation. Adding artificial hedges to your offer lists will absolutely mean more sales and money. If you are artificial grass company seeking new breakout of your business, try SUNWING artificial hedges a prosperous product line for a brand new start in 2019 and it will never let you down.

Explore our artificial hedges varieties on and more product lines we do at Get latest catalog with MOQs, free samples & pricing through . Contact today to get reply within 24 hours.