Artificial ivy adds instant greenery to an indoor space

  • 2017-07-03 15:58:31

In order to add a little green to an indoor space, people always try to put pot plant or real trees in doors. Real plants need people to take care of them, so that they could survive. In this process, people often spend a lot of time, and life will not be too long. Compare with this, you have a better choice-that’s using artificial ivy. It can keep evergreen at all seasons. No watering, no soil, just need your idea of how to decorate it better.

As is shown above photo, it occupied a small space, but became a pleasing sight,making the indoor full of vitality. It’s easy to install and looks nice when finishing.You could contact us to get more pictures for your reference.

And why you choose us? Reasons are listed as bellow.

All our artificial ivy is made by new fresh PE,with UV-Resistance,can be offered 3-5 years warranty.The new material makes the leaves look more real and natural,no smell,also not fade easily. And we are one of leading manufacturer in China specialized in the production of artificial plant, we could provide many kinds of leaves with competitive price, which can make you are very competitive in markets.

Besides artificial ivy, our hot sale products include plants wall,artificial hedge balls and so on.All the artificial plants can add instant greenery to both indoor and outdoor space,if you have any interests and questions, pls feel free to contact us for further information.Also,you could visit our website to get more info.: .

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