Artificial Moss Series – The Next trendy Artificial Plant Product Line In 2020

  • 2019-11-04 23:23:34

Artificial moss as our hottest product lines, will be the next artificial plants trend in 2020. Here let us introduce you the main three categories of artificial moss products:

artificial moss wall.jpg

1.     Indoor Artificial Moss Wall Mats

artificial moss mats round.png

artificial moss mat details.png

Artificial moss mats is imitated artificial plants mats manufactured by silk leaves, winding stems and mats. There are various colors and can be customized to different patterns, sizes and shapes for packaging or DIY green walls in frame. As they are silk plants, so they cannot last longer or keep fade-resistant outdoors and should stay away from water and fire. Here are some pics of its details. 

 artificial moss wall mats details.png

2.     Intertwining Moss Balls

artificial moss balls interwined.png

Artificial moss balls intertwined are made with iron structure and silk moss leaves blinded together. They can be made with different sizes and shapes for indoor or outdoor table centerpieces or hanging plants décor. If you are seeking an alternative of purely round artificial plants topiary, you can try our artificial moss balls with intertwining structure.

3.     Hanging Artificial Moss Planter

artificial moss hanging planter.jpg

bird nest shape artificial moss hanging planter.jpg

Developed from artificial silk moss mats, our semi-round artificial hanging moss planter begin to take its trend in home and commercial landscape transformation. They are using iron stripes for modeling with artificial moss mats wrapped for a bird nest like shape to create an exotic view in your space. Various styles with different colors and sizes details for reference so pls kindly reach out if interested for free samples or catalog at: