Artificial privacy roll to cover outdoor cat enclosure

  • 2017-06-12 09:47:12

Around the world, most of people like to raise their own pets, like dogs, cats etc. They will spend much time to take care of them. Some will built a small enclosure for playing, walking, running. While, usually the cat owners will get a headache that their cats will get out from the wire grid net holes. How to deal with this headache? I think it is useful to cover the enclosure with the artificial hedges.

Our artificial hedges are made according to the real leaves. So it looks very natural. And because of UV treatment, it could be used for outdoor and with 3-year warranty. Besides, the installation is very easy. You could just use the zip ties to fasten the hedges to the wire fence. Under such green environment, I think your pets also will feel the nature sense.


Besides, with artificial hedges covering, it keep the privacy for the enclosure. That means it could help avoid strangers’ views. And you do not need to worry about someone stealing your pets. On one side, it could keep privacy; on the other side, it could help protect your pets.


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