Artificial Silk Wreaths Recommendation in August

  • 2020-08-07 01:14:07

We have worked with some landscape design studios, and one of them has received a business for wedding venue design. After the discussion, they purchased some artificial plants from us, most of which are artificial flowers and artificial silk wreaths.

In addition to weddings, there are many occasions that can be decorated with artificial wreaths. The following styles are currently popular.

artificial silk garland.jpg

Mix-and-match artificial silk garland is not a conventional style, but the clever combination of colors and patterns often has unexpected effects. Just like this wreath, with silver chrysanthemum, eucalyptus leaves, black bone vine and fern leaf rattan as the base, with roses and hydrangeas.  There are both prominent artificial flowers and partial details. Multi-layered greens cooperate with pink, white, and champagne colors looks fresh and natural and can be used for daily interior decoration, such as bedroom, living room, office.

wedding decorations.jpg

The most popular type of wreath in wedding decorations is mostly pink roses, which is full of romance. And this item is matched with pink hydrangea and decorated with eucalyptus ginkgo cane to make the shape richer.

artificial silk wreath.jpg

There is also a type of artificial silk wreath that evenly combines artificial leaves and artificial flowers. It is also dominated by pink tones, green as a foil, and champagne as an embellishment, which is very friendly to the eyes. This type of decoration is not limited to weddings, but can also be used in restaurants, offices, living rooms and other occasions that can be decorated with fake flowers.

These garlands are made of silk cloth as the main material, and the romantic pink is chosen, which is full of girlish hearts and is also the most popular color this summer. If you want to know more about artificial plants of different styles and materials, you can communicate with us by email.