Artificial topiary ball for nice home decor

  • 2017-05-22 10:19:02

Artificial topiary ball is a kind of plactic imitated model of living topiary ball, it has the same refined wildness and fresh color as the living topiary ball, in addition, artificial topiary ball is free from cultivation and maintenance like growing, watering, fertilizer, shaping, pruning, fallen leaves. 

Just put it anywhere you want to decor your home, you can hang it, put it in planter or pot, or just lay in on the floor to have free style, have a look at the following application of artificial topiary balls in the home, you will be moved by its nice appearance and inspiring colors,


Artificial topiary ball hung for indoor design


Artificial topiary ball for instant balcony landcape

As a professional artificial topiary ball manufacturer from China, SUNWING has various kinds of artificial topiary ball to offer, different size, different plants types, and different colors, even with or without led lights are available, if you are interested, just email us for full list and further details.