Extend Artificial Trees for Home Decor in 2021

  • 2021-07-05 15:01:38
  • Sunwing

Artificial trees have made great progress in the past two years, both in terms of production process and appearance design. If you are a home improvement plant distributor, you can take fake trees into consideration when you develop your business. We will also solve some of your doubts.

Why Choose Artificial Potted Trees

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We all know that natural trees are irreplaceable, but on the right occasions, the unique advantages of fake trees have taken a place in the market.

  • The first is to save time and effort. The growth of a tree takes time, and it will experience seasonal changes. The faux tree can solve these problems perfectly without manpower and material resources.

  • The second is cleanliness. Artificial trees don’t need soil and water, and it will not leave any dirt when moving. This is good news for maintainers.

  • The third point is the rich variety. Artificial potted tree won’t be limited to the categories, shapes and size, which provides more options for landscape design.

  • Last but not the least, the average cost of using artificial plants is lower than real plants. Comprehensive investment in all aspects, whether artificial plants are used in homes or commercial places, can save costs without affecting their aesthetics.

Who need Artificial Trees for Home Decor

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With a clear target group, there is a marketing direction for the majority of operators. Large-scale fake trees are widely used in many outdoor places, such as amusement parks. However, the size and shape of household-type simulation trees will change a lot. So, who would need this type of artificial decorative tree?

  1. Artificial plant trees are the gospel to people who don't have a green finger, they dont need to spend time to learn about plant planting and growth habits. Artificial plants can actually help those who do not have the ability to maintain real plants in a green garden.

  2. Secondly, for those who are allergic to pollen, fake flower trees are a good substitute. It has a strict production process, does not produce toxic and harmful gases, and does not affect the body.

  3. Besides, people who are busy with work also need fake trees to change their work and living environment. Same as all artificial plants, this kind of product can quickly complete the greening of the environment without consuming time and energy.

In addition to the above three groups of people, there are other users who have demand for fake tree products on many occasions. There is still a lot of room for development in this market.

How to Decorate with Artificial Silk Trees in the Home?

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The green plant decoration can be integrated with the surrounding environment when placed in a suitable position.

In addition to beautifying the interior decoration, fake trees can also change the overall spatial layout to a certain extent. The living room and study room are the most frequently used scenes, which are usually placed in a corner of the room to have a filling effect. In some homes, decorations such as artificial potted trees are also used in the corridors, which can lead the way and beautify them.

When you want to add colors to your garden, fake potted trees without season and size restrictions can meet all the needs of users. Such products can break the restrictions of climatic conditions and are easy to move, which can help consumers quickly transform their courtyards.

What Kind of Fake Trees are Recommended for Home Decor

As a professional artificial tree supplier, Sunwing can provide various kinds of fake trees, among them, the potted style is the most suitable for home decoration. Because artificial potted trees are easy to move.

Here are some suitable potted trees for home decor.

Artificial Tropical Plants.jpg

#Artificial Tropical Plants

Tropical plants are popular in the home decoration industry, as they have extremely high ornamental value and decorative effect. Common ones include artificial palm trees, artificial dracaena, artificial sprinkling golden banyan, and others.

artificial banyan tree.jpg

#Artificial Banyan Trees

This kind of tree with beautiful meaning is also loved by users. The banyan tree has always meant health and longevity, and its shape is also beautiful. It is often used for the decoration of indoor spaces.

artificial flower tree.jpg

#Artificial Flower Trees

Artificial flower trees do not produce pollen and have various types, which can be conveniently used for various decoration matching and selection. Among them, artificial cherry trees are one of the more popular ones.

In addition to potted trees, we can also provide large simulation trees, which can be used in the courtyard and integrated with the surrounding environment. If the indoor space is sufficient, it can be made into fixed decorations. If you are interested in fake trees or other artificial plant products, please feel free to contact us via email or message.