Best 2 Snow Foliage Mix Artificial Hedging Panels from SUNWING-Summer Sale

  • 2020-08-25 01:17:32

For many people engaged in landscape design, artificial hedging panels are the secret weapon of their success. With the flexible shape and different visual effects, they can be used to help your business stand out in a crowded market place. Because they have an extremely authentic appearance and require less maintenance effort, they are popular in interior and exterior decor.

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Base Artificial Hedges with Snow Leaf A059

Base faux hedges of snow leave.jpg

The leaf shape of this artificial hedge is like the snowflake, so it is named snow leaf. This shape will remind people of the pleasant Christmas atmosphere in winter.

As is shown in the picture, the length of the leaves is 90 mm, closely arranged together, showing a lush and dense visual effect.

For color options, we have five available colors:

diverse color options of artificial hedegs .jpg

Dark green-It gives people a sense of stability and tranquility, suitable for simple and atmospheric decoration style

Green - It has always been the color of plants. This color has a wide range of applications, suitable for the decoration of courtyard wall, fireplace wall, hotel, and other commercial offices external wall

Light green - Light green has the effect of brightening the environment, giving people the breath of spring.

Purple-Purple is the color of lavender. Many people yearn for Provence in France. This is because lavender is planted in large areas in Provence. When it comes to the flowering season, you can see a sea of purple flowers and the fragrance of lavender in the air. Therefore, purple artificial hedges can be used as a background wall for weddings and ceremonies.

White-Same effect as light green, light up the dark environment, and bring vitality.

Snow Foliage Mix Artificial Hedging Panels

artificial hedging panel A125.jpg

This faux hedge panel is made with A059 as basement and A114 added on to full its every side. The size of this foliage panel is 50cm*50cm, easy for creative design and installation. The pack is backed by strong plastic grids, which are not difficult to tear apart.

artificial foliage panels mix snow leaf.jpg

Same as A125 in basement style, this artificial hedge panel uses another style -A042 to create an aesthetic feeling. The leaves of A042 are Magnolia leaves. The length of this leaf is 75mm, which is shorter than the length of the base snow leaf. The size of the Magnolia leaves is smaller, which is different from the shape of the snow leaves, so on the whole, it has a sense of hierarchy. The two kinds of leaves are closely arranged together, which is quite realistic, making it difficult to distinguish them from real plants.

How to Make Use of Artificial Hedging Panels?

We have plenty of ideas about artificial hedges use in real life such as:

  • Provide privacy to places like swimming pool

  • Decorate an outdoor wedding

  • Surround a concert stage

The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination. Reach us thru and we will provide you with a professional guide to artificial plants!