Best 3 Kinds of Artificial Hedging for Outdoor Privacy

  • 2020-12-14 17:44:32
  • Sunwing

Nowadays, privacy is like exposure without consent. It is no exaggeration to say that surveillance cameras, GPS trackers, and web tracking exists everywhere. Imagine a stranger on the street staring at you eating BBQ on the balcony or snapping pictures of your business event. How terrible it is! This blog aims to provide best 3 kinds of artificial hedging for outdoor privacy, which is the most efficient option for wholesalers, builders or landscapers.

The Reasons To Sale Artificial Hedge

Require less maintenance

Outdoor artificial fences don’t need the hefty irrigationand that real hedges need. It's an excellent choice for water saving. Terrible things such as pests and mold will not appear.

Good for health

Looking at greenery can have a calming effect on us, including reducing anxiety and lowering blood pressure.

Save time and money

Create a safe and private outdoor space without having to spend much time waiting for hedges to grow, and even more money on gardening fees!

More variety to choose

Each real plant has different requirements for its growth environment. However, simulation plants can just break this boundary. So even in the cold, people can also enjoy the tropical atmosphere.

Option 1  Artificial Hedging Screen


What is artificial hedging screen?

Artifical hedge mats are made with fresh PE to offer a lifelike appearance and long life expectancy. They are perfect building materials and accents for various landscapes and designs. From popular boxwood, to ivy and flowers leaves mats, Sunwing produces the most realistic leaves on the market. Generally, artificial mats come in 25 x 25cm square panels for easy installation, and 50 x 50cm squares for covering walls. As to the large projects, we connect mats to form a roll.


Why artificial panels for outdoor privacy?

  • Wide range of uses

  • Well-suited for enduring harsh weather conditions

  • High quality UV stabilizers used

  • Easy installation and maintenance

Thanks to these benefits, The privacy fence panel always ranks high among our best selling collections.

Option 2  Freestanding Artificial Hedging Planter


What is freestanding artificial hedging planter?

Artificial hedges in planters are as simple as it gets – simply drop them into place and they’re ready to go! Because of this convenience, our freestanding artificial decoration easily becomes privacy screens & spaces dividers for interiors or exteriors. Undoubtedly, it's the perfect greenery without maintenance.

As we see in the picture below, these artificial hedges in planters can be used for denote boundaries, safeguard privacy and events like party or wedding.


Why Sunwing artificial hedges in planters?

  • 100% fresh new PE materials with SGS certificate

  • UV treated, fire retardant & waterproof functions

  • Long-lasting, fade-free lifespan both indoor and outdoor

  • Variable choices, custom selection of hedges in planters

If you’re intrested in effortless artificial greenery, it doesn’t get much simpler than movable planters on wheels!

Option 3  Real Looking Artificial Grass


What is real looking artificial grass?

As we all know, real plants that are exposed outdoors often cause a problem - strong sunlight accelerates withering and fading. When it comes to outdoor decoration, we need to constantly replace them. As made of fresh PVC material, the artificial grass fence presenting a realistic-looking, is an ideal privacy screen for home, garden, or commercial exteriors. If you are in the artificial plants industry, don’t miss out on these innovative and easy-to-install artificial grass hedge wall solutions for your business.



Why Sunwing artificial grass fence?

  •  Firstly, they own fire rated B level with certification.

  • Secondly, to extend the lifetime of artificial grass, we add UV powder during the process of production. Therefore, these grass wall panels can stay a perfect plant-like green color for over 3 years.

  • Thirdly, as a global professional artificial grass fence manufacturer & supplier, Sunwing devotes itself to premium design, products & service.

In brief, this article has selected 3 best kinds of artificial hedging and listed all their benefits for outdoor privacy. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Well, you can visit Sunwing Full Guide to Sunwing Artificial Plants for more information. Besides, we can also create made-to-order custom artificial hedges for you based on your needs, including type of leaves and plants, as well as specific measurements.

Who doesn't want to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space? We are a leading and professional artificial hedging factory in China. Whether you are wholesalers or distributors of faux plants, Sunwing sincerely welcome any possible business contacts and promise to provide quality products with the factory price, pls feel free to contact us thru email: