Best 4 Artificial Indoor Plants 2020

  • 2020-11-23 10:01:33

During the stressful and though 2020, people have to go through a special experience of being stuck at home. And the time of sheltering ourselves is so long that we realize that it is necessary and interesting to do some interior decoration for our home to maintain physical and mental health. In this way , Artificial Indoor Plants are a good option. The popularity of artificial indoor plants for home decor started since people's awareness of its irreplaceable advantages: it will not rot, damp or even attract insects and ants; it is corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, non-odorous, simple post-care and very durable.

Even though the world economy has slowed down during this difficult time, which will have a certain impact on the indoor simulation plant industry, it still shows relatively optimistic growth. Analysts believe that the market size of artificial indoor plants will further expand in the future.

In this blog, we have listed 4 kinds of artificial plants for interior decoration, choosing the most valuable options for wholesalers.

Decorate home with vertical garden

What is vertical garden?

Nowadays, the vertical garden has become a kind of well-known decorative plant. It cover the wall with a original size panel or a combination of larger sizes to bring vitality to the indoor. Of course, the vertical garden, as the name suggests, can be composed of more than one kind of foliages or even artificial flowers to form a colorful dream garden. People can fully mobilize creativity by adding branches, and DIY the eternal green wall that best meets expectations.


Why vertical garden for business? 

  • Wide range of applications

  • Diverse types of option

  • High quality material which is UV-engineered

  • Easy installation and maintenance

Light up your space with Artificial Plants in Pot

What is artificial plants in pot?

Like natural potted plants, artificial plants in pot are a lovely and unique interior decor. The shape of this products allows them to be moved freely, avoiding a lot of unnecessary trouble. Just place it in any corner of the room to add elegance.

Among all the artificial potted plants, the Boxwood Potted Plant has a classic and beautiful appearance, and people can trim it into a variety of shapes to meet design needs; the artificial PE Trees In pot looks realistic and the natural colors can be perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment, bringing tropical plants home ; And Artificial Silk Plant Pots are soft to the touch and bright in color, which fills the gaps in the room well perfectly.

artificial trees in pots.jpg

Why artificial plants in pot for business?

  • Diverse solutions for interior decor

  • Simple maintenance

  • Backed up by 2- or 3- year guarantee

  • High-quality materials

  • Variety of choices

Reindeer Moss Wall, the brightest view in the room

What is reindeer moss ?

Reindeer moss is a kind of lichen that grows mostly in alpine tundra and has strong covering properties. After dehydration and other processes like heat treating and submersion in a mineral salt solution, the original and true appearance of moss has been preserved and transformed into beautiful decorative elements for indoor and commercial use. Although it has no life, it still retains part of the ability of fresh moss to purify and filter the air and will not rot or become dry like real moss.

This kind of moss material does have some limitations on the application in outdoor places., but it is an excellent choice for indoor decoration. We generally set it on indoor walls and floors to let the various colors bring a unique feeling to the home.


Why reindeer moss for business?

  • Diverse solutions for interior decor

  • Rich color selections

  • Easy installation

  • Air cleaning

  • Environmental protection materials

Framed hanging artificial plants wall is best for indoor decoration

What is framed hanging artificial plants?

From simple leaves to branches and even moss, all can be framed and hung on any wall in the room to bring charming visual effects. It saves more space than potted plants and has a more three-dimensional effect than ordinary decorative paintings.

In addition, our professional designers can absorb different inspiration sources and specific design ideas tailor-made hanging framed plants for demand.


The frame material is premium aluminum, and other materials such as wood can also be customized under different needs.

Furthermore, indoor plants with lights can also be realized. Small LED lights hidden in the leaves will illuminate the beauty of the entire artificial framed plant, which greatly enriches the vision, and will not disappear even in the dark.


Why framed hanging artificial plants for business?

  • Customized service

  • Unique 3D visual effects

  • Rich combination style

  • High quality material

  • Easy maintenance

  • Full of design

In summary, this article has selected the 4 best artificial indoor plants. Of course, as a professional artificial plant supplier and manufacturer, Sunwing can also provide more choices. Welcome to explore. For catalog or product lists, pls feel free to contact us thru