Best artificial foliage for outdoor hanging flower arranging

  • 2018-01-15 10:53:11

Do you want your gate to be different? Do you want to try some artificial foliage or branches? Or some artificial hanging baskets? Look at these pictures showed below:


The bracket are combined with different foliage and floral. With hanging floral arrangement, the basket is very beautiful than the single match. So how to DIY one by your own? First of all, you have to know how to choose the foliage and flowers. Unique and realistic artificial bunches and flowers selection is essential in making hanging basket.


The below advice you could refer to is: the single plant with different variety, which could be cut as well. If you are using it for outdoor, you may need customized UV proof artificial plants; for indoor decorations, you may need it comply with fire code. But where will you wholesale these customized special artificial plants? The factory will be a perfect qualification which could custom-manufacture them. There  have many molds for you choices. Their material is always fresh PE and the products will be natural-looking all year-round with 3-5 for both indoor or outdoor decor. They have their own certified test to manufacture the UV retardant and fire resistant kinds. They could handle the products as you requested. SUNWING is the leading manufacturer of artificial plants for 7 years in China. With years dealing international wholesale&trade, we have exporting to many countries and get the positive feedback from them. If you have any interests, please contact us or just visit our website: