Design instant plants maze with artificial hedges

  • 2017-07-24 10:11:15

Believe that most of you have heard one advertisement: Existence is the reasonable! Yes, SUNWING artificial hedges also could been suitable for this sentence.

Recent years, we could find the artificial hedges have become the most important element for decoration, which have been used for many areas, like house decoration, wedding backdrop, cafe or store, construction progress, etc.

Therefore, with the wide range of artificial hedges, intelligent people even want to use the derivative products have been used for design the instant maze. That sounds a great idea! Please see the below effect photo:


The kid has intended to run out of the maze, which is made of the artificial planters. The maze size and shapes all could be customized by clients. If you need want to design for children entertainment, you could give us your size that you requested.

The artificial hedges has been UV retardant, so you couldnt worry about the leaves would be wither like real plants. The life time for outdoor is 3 years. If you take care of them, when the rainy day, you would hide them into house, the lifetime would be longer than that principle.

The green planter will bring fresh feel to people, like kids vitality. It will be the peoples amusement park.

We have many different kinds for you to choose. Maybe you could check our website: Or contact us by email: We are here to wait you. Hope SUNWING bring you a happy childhood!