Disposable Ear-Loop Face Maskk-3Ply

  • 2020-03-13 01:47:50
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Disposable Ear-Loop Face Maskk-3Ply

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-BFE99(2.8μ Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)

-PFE99(0.1μ Particle Filtration Efficiency)

-Three Ply Construction (Leak Proof Non-woven Fabric,High Density Filter Layer and Direct Contact Skin Layer)

-Conformable and adjustable Noseband

-Latex Free

-Fiberglass Free

-MOQ: 6000 pcs

-Price: $0.55/pcs

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-Helps protect others from bacteria

-Provides comfort & easy breathing

-Soft, odorless & non-irritating

-Health expertise you rely on, quality you trust

-100% satisfaction guaranteed

-Face mask for virus protection

-Disposable medical face mask

-Made in China

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Product Display: 

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Description :

3ply Disposable Face Mask

The disposable face mask is a loose-fitting mask with ear loops or ties or bands. It can completely cover the nose and mouth and help filters dust, bacteria, smoke & pollen in the air. The high-filtration face masks are made from a soft 3-ply material for your comfort and are easy to breath through. With 3 ply construction, the disposable face mask has BFE99 and PRE99 that can effectively protect people from enviroment pollution and disease. 

Face mask for virus protection

Many diseases spread through respiratory system. The protective face masks can help protect against fluid that may carry the virus. For people sick, the protective face masks can reduce the number of germs they releases when talk, cough and sneeze, and then protect other people. The face masks can also protect the wearers’ nose and mouth from splashes or sprays of body fluids.

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Correct Way of Wearing Face Masks:

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1.Wash your hands before wearing a disposable face mask.

2.Fold the mask in half,with dark side out (blue) and light side in (soft white) ,to make it fit your face snugly.

3.Hold the ear cord with both hands, place the side of the mask with the wire(a small adjustable strip) on the nose.

4.Pinch the wire according to your nose shape.

5.Pull the folds down to cover the mouth and nose completely.


1.Disposable face masks are usually replaced every 4 hours, and cannot be reused.

2.Replace the mask immediately when it is damp or contaminated.

Correct Way of Removing Face Masks

1.Do not touch the outside of the mask when removing it.

2.Hold the ear cord with both hands and take it off.

3.Spray with alcohol to disinfect, seal and discard the mask.

4.Wash hands immediately with soap and running water after removing the mask.


Pay attention to enviromental protection, please throw used masks into medical waste bin.

For a more intuitive tutorial, watch our video:



Meantime, Wish everyone stays vigilant, keep healthy and safe.

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