An Easy & Handy Guide to Sunwing Artificial Hedges Dealerships

  • 2019-06-06 15:22:30

Breaking news! Whether you are local artificial plants business owners online or offline, retailers or wholesalers, who are looking for artificial plants factory or supplier to expand their product lines, you are welcome now to be a sales agents of SUNWING's artificial hedges plants.

 SUNWING currently offers two kinds of artificial hedges dealerships. One is a regular dealership, and the other is an exclusive dealership. So what is a regular dealership? And what is the difference with an exclusive dealership? Which one fits you better? Let’s see the following Q&As from one of our interested dealer “Q” with our sales manager “A”.

1.Q: What are the Rights and obligations details of a regular artificial hedges dealership and an exclusive artificial hedges dealership?

A: Rights and obligations of the two dealerships are listed below:                         

obligations of sunwing artificial hedges dealership.pngrights of sunwing artificial hedges dealership.png

2.Q: Can you explain these tables for me?

A: For left to right:


Ship by brand:

To be our sales agents, you need to distribute our branded products

Submit Market Report:

Dealers should give detailed reports on market conditions and consumer feedback every three months.

Show our brand on brochures:

Agents need to present our brand on the brochure.

Quantity: Requirements for annual sales quantity

Deal only our brand: Agents should only distribute our brand.



Lead Time Priority: SUNWING's artificial plants factory will give top priority to deliver goods to you.

Commission: Agents enjoy discounts or commission returns based on your annual sales.

Sources Support:

SUNWING will offer complete product materials,photos and videos etc.

Be the first to know updates:

Dealers are the first to receive the latest products samples and catalog information.

Technical support on website building:

SUNWING offer technical support like web building etc. as well as free technical training if needed.

Online marketing support:

SUNWING helps local marketing if needed for more successful win-win cooperation.

Exclusive rights of products:

SUNWING gives local dealer exclusive rights to sell our products.

Exclusive artificial hedges supply to your business in your area:

SUNWING as your exclusive artificial hedges suppliers will only serve to your business in your area.

3.Q: What is the exact difference between the two dealerships?

A: There are 7 points to understand the difference between exclusive artificial hedges dealers and regular artificial hedges dealers:

  • Exclusive dealers print our brands on their brochures. But regular dealers don’t have to do that.

  • Exclusive dealers have annual sales targets to reach. But regular dealers don’t have to do that.

  • Exclusive dealers should sell only our brands. But regular dealers don’t have to do that.

  • Exclusive dealers enjoy technical support but regular dealers do not.

  • Exclusive dealers have full support for local marketing, but it depends on regular dealers.

  • Exclusive dealers enjoy exclusive rights to sell our products in the area. Four regular dealers, we can only offer exclusive rights to sell several none bestselling products or innovatively manufactured ones.

  • For exclusive dealers, SUNWING offers commission for annual sales $10w+. (Higher annual sales=Higher commission) For regular dealers, we will also consider commission return when you reach our standards. (Dealers can choose to receive a cash payout or products of the same value.)


4, Q: How to choose the best dealer plan for my business?

A: As an experienced artificial hedges supplier who has its own artificial plants factory, we have opened various artificial hedges plants product lines like artificial hedges topiaryartificial hedges and artificial vertical garden green wall panels. We can now supply artificial moss mats sheets/preserved natural moss or hanging plants, artificial potted plants, etc. as well. More to explore on:

You can do market research before and decide which one is better. Also, you can email for full details of SUNWING sales agent agreements and artificial hedges plants product lines.