Factory-Direct Quality Artificial Hedges Supply & Wholesale

  • 2018-02-24 11:50:14

Artificial hedges like boxwood, ivy juniper or fern are firstly made for privacy fencing screen not for green wall. Its structure is very simple with grid panels and various foliage. The pins and holes on each side of the panel mat can be aligned together for large area covering with density. See details here:


These foliage are manufactured with fresh new PE and UV-engineered to offer enough protection in the sun exposure and harsh weather. Therefore, they can keep green all years round without any maintenance. We firstly supply artificial hedges to garden retails and supermarkets. However, as more and more creative customers apply them on green wall, vertical gardening and interior or exterior decoration. Many event planner, landscaper designers and architects find us to regularly wholesale creative products from us for best performance of weddings, buildings and interiors. Check our client’s projects here:


Here are some of our products line:


Any interest in wholesale factory direct uv plants or hedges, welcome to discuss with us or visit us at fauxhedges.com