Find Artificial Plants for Event Design

  • 2020-11-27 15:37:29

As the end of the year approaches, various events and gatherings are becoming more frequent. For this reason, many purchasers have asked us what artificial plants are suitable for large quantities of wholesale to be used for various activities. Based on our previous sales experience, we have counted some plant decorations that will not go wrong on most occasions.

Private Party Decoration with Artificial Flowers

The New Year is about to come, many people hold parties at home to invite relatives and friends to celebrate the holiday and connect with each other. In order not to make the home look boring, the decoration is necessary. Artificial flowers are the simplest and most convenient decoration. The most common is to match artificial flowers with vases, which can be placed in various positions.

artificial flowers.jpg

Besides, you can also match fake flowers with leaves and fix them in the pot, which can be made into a potted plant or fixed on the wall. After the party, they can be kept as daily interior decoration.

Wall Decor with Artificial Hedges

Wall decoration is also often noticed. There are many items of artificial hedges. In order to meet the needs of most occasions, the following recommended models are relatively simple and have a wide range of applications.

artificial hedges wall.jpg

Artificial boxwood hedge is classic and popular all the time, it can be applied to any occasion and will not conflict with the environment. The two items A043 and A081 are also artificial with dark green small leaves. They are very dense, suitable for most formal occasions. Because of the yellow-green gradient, A019 looks more lively and more suitable for lively activities.

Large-scale Event Artificial Plants Wholesale

In some important event occasions, the organizers have great demand for various green plant decorations, but artificial fences and artificial flowers cannot meet all the requirements, and various types of artificial plants need to be used for decoration.

Movable Artificial Planters

artificial hedge planter.jpg

Planter is also divided into different categories according to the style. For specific categories, please refer to The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Hedges Planter Categories this blog. In most event occasions, we recommend using a planter with wheels, because the theme of the whole finished product is based on the iron mesh, which is heavier and more convenient to move with wheels. In most cases, organizers can use this product to divide different functional areas of the event venue. Because it is easy to move, the same venue can also be used to host events with different events.

Artificial Potted Plants

artificial potted plants-1.jpg

Large potted plants are very common decorations on many formal occasions. They can be used for the most direct indoor and outdoor greening. The small artificial potted plants can be placed on the dining table, which can be decorated around and can also give the participants a good mood.

Artificial Topiary Balls

artificial topiary balls.jpg

Sometimes the event organizers cannot find a place that fully meets the needs. At this time, some decorations can play a role in adjusting the space. Take the artificial topiary ball for example. If there is a large space above the original site, the cost of re-decoration will be very high. As an alternative, it is a good choice to hanging the artificial balls from the ceiling can fill the upper space, and it is easy to take them down after the event.

The above-recommended styles can be used on most occasions, can meet the general needs of most end customers, and can be purchased in large quantities. If you want to know more styles, you can get our artificial plants catalog, and you are also welcome to communicate and understand more deeply with us.