Full Guide to Sunwing's New Artificial Vertical Garden Panel #B075

  • 2020-10-13 02:06:26

What are artificial vertical gardens?

Green wall began to enter the stage of history in ancient civilizations. Some remaining ones last for decades and still add a pop of nature into modern business. So what is it like? According to Wikipedia’s definition, it is a structure covered by vegetation built vertically, also known as a living wall. As techonology develops, a new type made with faux foliage branches appears. To explain it explicitly, here we take our green wall panel B075 which has been launched recently for example, and dissect its components:

b075 green wall.jpg

From the above picture, we can see that the plant wall panel is composed of 3 parts: foliage branches, foam layer, and iron grid.

  • The lush foliage branches

They come from more than 8 different plants including Caesalpinia, Hawaii ti plant. These leaves are made of silk and PE materials. Silk-made foliage appears more realistic and soft in tactile feel. PE leaves are UV-treated and can withstand the sun for many years to come. 

Note: The bundle combination is not fixed. For outdoor use, we recommend using more PE foliage branches as the material can be UV-protected. As to visual preference, we suggest mixing more silk leaves as its lifelike feature.

  • The foam layer 

It is made with pearl cotton. Usually, plant walls do not contain foam layers and the foliage branches are tied to the back iron frame. However, the new style with a foam layer can be a good solution to those problems of concave wall decoration. You can also put them in a frame as the foam layer can perfectly fill the height gap.

  • Iron grid structure 

It is stable and difficult to tear apart.

What is the trend of plant wall design today?

green wall fence.jpg

With the widespread of social media, we can see the design of it is no longer limited to the underneath ground and has been elevated to a new level of creativity. It is now making its way into different directions, from transforming small things such as vases or teapots into lovely miniature garden space to using arrangements of large foliage panels for space division.In other words, the vertical garden, or green wall (whatever you want to call them) can be as small as a picture frame or as massive as a 70ft wide masterpiece. 

The green wall is not the result of simply putting plants or foliage panels together. Instead, it is a technical process which includes 4 stages:

  1. Decide foliage or plant branches which go well with the architectural style 

  2. Arrange them on the mesh 

  3. Make adjustments appropriately while previewing the effect 

  4. A green wall is finally finished.

Therefore, the possibility of creation is endless once you begin to DIY your unique living wall. As long as you take charge of design, you can let your creativity run wild. For example, you can insert small LED lights to add some romantic and attractive feelings or mix with some real plants on the wall panel to make it more realistic. 

Why the artificial green wall perfect for interior and exterior decor?

exterior vertical garden.jpg

Apart from its ornate and incomparable beautiful appearance and space-efficient structure, the green wall is no doubt a great indoor and outdoor decor choice for other important reasons:

  • A wonderful alternative to real plants

Real plants require a green thumb and lots of effort in maintenance while artificial plants leave an easy result as the foliage can always stay lush and lifelike. Among all artificial plants, artificial vertical gardens have an advantage in saving space. Compared to other fake plants, for instance, potted plants. Some large potted trees can take up a great deal of space. 

  • Promote a better working environment for office people

Environmental issues continue to emerge once the modernization took place. To most employees who work at office buildings with limited interior airflow space and are often exposed to a lot of harmful air chemicals such as carbon monoxide, these wall panels made of plants, ferns can serve as an economic system that provides clean air and a healthier atmosphere for breathing.

  • Effective against noise pollution

People change the office building locations because of excessive noise distractions and that is a costly decision. So before moving to a quieter space, it is wise to apply green wall panels.

We are familiar that plants absorb sun but did you know that they can also absorb noise energy especially those with leaves. Although each leaf has little effect on absorbing noise, the effect of countless pieces gathered together can be significantly huge.

What elements should be considered when purchasing vertical garden panels?

  • Quality - Whether is good or not?

No matter what kind of goods to buy, the quality and price are always the two aspects that people value most. At Sunwing, we are committed to the principle that - quality comes first and we never make profits at the expense of quality. Sunwing’s green wall panels are made with 100% fresh material and we can provide UV proof green wall panels with SGS certified and fire-safe green wall panels up to Commercial Level B Fire Retardant.

  • Size - Is it easy to install and space-efficient?

The panel size is 1 m by 1 m, which does not take much space and is suitable for almost any wall decor design. For installation, you can simply use a fixative to put it on the wall.

  • Visual Effect - Is it up to your expectation?

Unlike other faux living wall panels products on the market, Sunwing’s ultra-realistic foliage branches and ferns are densely distributed, creating a lush and 3D visual effect.

  • Design Possibility - Is bespoke design available?

Our wall panel series contains different arrangements of leaves and ferns and is not limited to this style#B075 mentioned above. Moreover, the design possibility is endless and bespoke service is always available.

Want a living wall now? Get in touch with Sunwing today!

If you find our artificial vertical gardens attractive and think your place (such as lobby, walkway) could do with it, no hesitate to get a quote. And if you have any new ideas about artificial green wall design, please let us know. We are fully aware that it is not always easy to see things in a new way or come up with innovations so we embrace all valuable thoughts. Feel free to drop us in email: sales@fauxhedges.com