Full Guide to SUNWING Artificial Plants Supply

  • 2020-08-26 00:46:41

Nowadays, people begin to realize the fact that simply adding plants into buildings can not create the desired effect as the maintenance can be a burden, so they turn to another alternative. With more convenience and durability, artificial plants are undoubtedly great choices for bringing greenery into interior and exterior settings. Here, we introduce an artificial plants supply list and hope you have a better understanding of our products.

Artificial Plants List

Boxwood Hedging 

boxwood hedging.jpg

Retail or wholesale, indoor or outdoor, landscape, or construction-boxwood hedging panels will elevate your product to a new level. The quality of our service is guaranteed.

Surpass other ordinary products with 3 layers, SUNWING artificial hedges are made of 4 or more layers, looking more lush and dense. The boxwood hedges series has always been one of our best selling collections. Because of its diverse design, different colors, wide range of uses, the market demand is very large.

Hedge Mats

hedge mats.jpg

Our artificial hedges panels are made with fresh PE to offer a lifelike appearance and long life expectancy. The material is UV coated &fire-resistant and can withstand the sun for many years to come, so they are perfect building material and accents for various landscapes and designs, offering both style and privacy.

Vertical Garden

vertical garden.jpg

Artificial green wall plants are quirky and unique pieces of decor that breathe life into a vast array of spaces. Whether you’re looking for a stylish artificial greenery wall or a mini garden that requires no maintenance, our artificial vertical garden walls are perfect for you! Apart from that, an exciting part is that whether you are a professional designer or not, you can realize your garden idea-randomly choosing fences and foliage branches, arranging them on the mesh, previewing the effect and making adjustments if it is necessary, and finally, your dream one is finished. For artificial plants supply, SUNWING has three arrangements-High series, Medium series, and Low series. 

Topiary Balls

Topiary Balls.jpg

Topiary Balls, also known as artificial plants sculpture. Generally, it is built with a steel frame, then filled with cultivation soil on the framework, and then covered with flowers and plants of different colors on the surface of the structural modeling. By skillfully combining the sculpture modeling and flower gardening, the plant coverage rate on the steel frame surface should reach at least 80%. Therefore, the green sculpture is full of vitality "flower sculpture", is another gardening civilization created by humans using natural forces.

Our iron wrought hanging balls come with or without LED lights, depending on your space and needs. Our artificial boxwood ball topiary plants are made in pots or planters for both indoors and outdoors use with customizable sizes and shapes.


artificial hedges in planters.jpg

As boxwood is frequently purchased, we make it a boxwood planter to have more functions. With the added base, it is easy to install in many outdoor venues to provide a separate space for people to rest. Also, landscape designers can use these to create breathtaking greenery, which beautifies the environment and gives people visual enjoyment. Looking for some new decor for a retail, wholesale, or outdoor event/construction application? Our artificial hedges in planters are unique, low-maintenance, and easy to install.

Leaves Fence

leaf fence.jpg

Our artificial ivy garden screening is the product of choice for both commercial and residential usage, offering customers both privacy and style in their garden. We have a variety of leaves styles available for you to peruse, and all of our artificial leaves screens have been treated with UV protection to help them last longer outdoors.

Wall Grass

wall grass.jpg

SUNWING artificial grass decoration wall panels are perfect for outdoor privacy fencing screens for your property. These chain-linked artificial grass panels are installed on walls to offer you privacy and a unique facade. Our products are eco-friendly and contain no toxic ingredients, safe for both human beings & animals.

Green wall applications can cover almost everywhere, exterior settings such as backyard, walkways, patio, a backdrop of the wedding ceremony, interior settings such as living room, study room, terrace, bathroom, balcony, trellis, and more!



Moss is usually spread on the soil to set off the leaves or flowers, creating a spring full of artistic conception. Unlike other artificial green wall plants, our preserved moss wall tiles can be featured on surfaces like walls or floors for urban landscapes or commercial applications indoors. Its ultra-realistic image can turn your wall into a real moss wall art.


faux plants.jpg

As shown in the picture, we have designed many different shapes of artificial plants, including snake-shaped plants, bear-shaped plants, and potted plants. It can be placed in different places according to its size and shape to beautify the environment. Potted plants can be placed on the desk to reduce the pressure of people in the office. Exquisitely trimmed large green plants can embellish the city's streets. 

About SUNWING Factory

Our workshop is equipped with more than 60 machines with a daily output of 14 containers. Specially trained workers together with professional personnel can strictly control the quality of raw materials according to customer requirements. Every product will be inspected before leaving the factory.Following is the information about our markets and related industries.


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