Cover Your Outdoor Cat & Get Your Outdoor Cat a Green Home Like This

  • 2017-05-24 09:33:47

    Are you a cat slave with a cat ownership? If so, where is your cat houses, indoors or outdoors? An outdoor cat shelter is essential for outdoor cat raising. 

  Artificial hedges here will not only be used as windscreen or privacy screening, it will be perfectly applied for covering outdoor cat. The artificial hedge with iron panels inside gonna make a beautiful and safe enclosure as outdoor cover for cats. It is perfect in covering cat food or litter as well. 


   The artificial hedge we manufacture is botanically correct with lifelike appearance to add greenery and be closer to nature. If your cat shelter is like the picture presented above. Then the artificial hedges installation is easy now. First of all, you have to make some preparations for the hedge mat installation. The materials and tools needed is a scissor, enough zip ties and overlay to cover the cat houses. Next, you need to put the cut-out water-proof overlay onto the rooftop part of the iron cat house. The overlay will help protect your cute cats from getting all wet and sick after the rain. Then, you need to snap and lock the 50*50mm hedge mat for easier installing. Cut the aligned mats if needed for the cat box shape. Last but not least, you have to fix the aligned mats on the cat boxes with zip ties and trim the extra ties to finish a perfect cat shelter installation.


  If your outdoor cat house is like this wooden one and want to beautify it, artificial hedges mats is also a great choice. Nailing the artificial hedge mats onto the wooden cat house is okay. With simple installation of artificial hedges, it will make the outdoor cat shelter a better place for cats’ living. Any projects, welcome to inquire of the best type artificial hedges for your cat’s house transforming.