Get your privacy fence leveled up with artificial vertical garden

  • 2017-06-26 15:17:52

When it comes to having a privacy screen, people turn to artificial hedge especially boxwood hedges for fencing installation. But traditional boxwood can be bored or kind of all in the same key for residential and commercial use now. I have a Mexico client asking for an aesthetic privacy fence for her villa. She doesn’t want to apply artificial boxwood for his privacy screen as it is not matching with his poolside decor! Our sales representative Vivian recommends two ways of solving this, firstly, our client can creatively apply artificial boxwood in planter with wheels or special designs for beautiful movable and reusable privacy screen. 


However, she already has a iron rod fence already and would take another kind of greenery to cover it. Then comes out our second plan - artificial vertical garden products for her fencing. The product is displayed like the pic. below:



As is known to most of us, these artificial vertical garden is usually used for green wall creation for both indoors and outdoors. The most tricky one is that our vertical garden products have similar artificial hedge panels for fixing onto the fence or wall. Its application on the wall or fence is very much simple and easy as well. The free-maintaining vertical garden plants with high density can perfectly cover unsightly view/items, reduce noise and help get instant beauty at your fingertips. The last but not least benefit of this product is to create a mosquitoes-free environment which is very important for those insects-troubled drought countries like Florida.

After detailed introduction of this second pick, we finally come to an agreement of getting artificial green wall for his fence screening. And the final work is as follows:


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