2016 great gift for holiday decoration,artificial topiary ball

  • 2017-05-03 11:34:26

Most people do a little decorating for the holidays, but how to make it elegant and special?


I have things on the mantel that I love, said Ms. Williams, 70, an interior designer, But at holiday time, I take it all off and start over again. Every year, I try to incorporate something different while using some of my old favorite things.          

There are conflicting schools of thought on how to go about creating a composition. Some people are very symmetrical some people are not, Ms. Williams said.     

But whether you prefer a balanced composition with pairs of objects or a free-form configuration, there is one principle that holds true, she insisted, You need some things with height: Over scale is better than under scale.  

Then our artificial topiary balls are an obvious choice, especially around the holidays.  

Our decoration balls have different colors, sizes and leaves for you to choose from. You can create a leisure and countryside feeling by easily DIY. And then add sparkle for a polished look together with our balls would be very contemporary.


The only rule is a simple one: Do not be afraid to experiment. 

We have much experience in artificial plants. Our decoration topiary balls can be made of different leaves according to customer appointment, and different sizes like dia. 18cm, 28cm, 38cm, 48cm are all available. They can be hanged on roof, or be put on flower pot, decorating the surroundings.


Nice artificial topiary ball for decoration: