Have a Green party all night long

  • 2017-06-28 16:07:54

With the rapidly development of economy, more and more people like to hold variety of large parties. Opened parties,or indoor parties, or just rent a villa area as a party site, no matter what kind of place they chose, that all need to decorate it.

As we all know that party is a one-time event, so you should consider the budget and cost about the decoration. Therefore, the new element style of decoration today is the artificial plants wall or green wall which is assembled by all kinds of artificial hedges.


Sunwing is a professional who would provide the good idea for you. First of all, the artificial plants wall have chosen the new fresh PE as the raw material without any recycled waste PE. So they looks very natural and real. The green color would give people spring feel and bring them a good mood to join in the party.

Besides, we have many series of artificial plants wall in catalog, you could check out our website: www.fauxhedges.com. You can select the one you like to design freely.

The products require almost little maintenance. There is no need of watering, trimming. So you don’t need waste cost to care them.

Thirdly, the products have UV treatment, which helps the plants wall more durable to the strong sunshine. It would improve the party atmosphere. The guaranteed lifetime is 5 years for indoor use and 3 years for outdoor use. In this way, you can use them for several times or not a while.

If the party is end, you also may use the artificial plants wall to decorate your house, the balcony, the back-yard, or the out-door wall, which are suitable already.

The last but not least, Sunwing artificial hedges are friendly to environment, no any hurt to human body and pets, which have passed SGS heavy mental test. So you needn’t to worry the attendance safety.


All above advantages should be the best reasons for you to choose Sunwing artificial plants wall for decorating the party area.If any interests,feel free to contact us by email:service06@fauxhedges.com. Tel:86-25-84681768. We are waiting for your inquiry here.