Highly recommend fake plant privacy screen

  • 2018-02-13 10:35:24

    If you are looking for solutions to create a privacy screen for your yard, there are three kinds of solutions for your choices. We have been in this area for 14 years, working with many landscapers and decorators. There are many ways for you to block the view of your neighbor’s backyard, or creating a natural screen.

1) Artificial hedging screen

This products is made by pieces, which could be tied up to iron shelf or fence. They are of high density, so they are very lifelike and vivid. Compared to natural foliage, they are made similar to real foliage, and there are many types of foliage to choose.

Chain-link fence could used to separated outdoor spaces, the solution of artificial hedge could add shade, privacy and beauty to your yard. One of the advantage of them is the designing. Most of foliage could be mated together, and then create a thousands of pattern. Just as per your needs and according to the situation.


2) Artificial weaving fence

This is also makes a lovely option for the ground, and it adds English garden-style charm when trimmed into spheres or hedges. They are normally used for outdoor landscaping. As for small area decoration, artificial weaving fence could be covered as screen. They are roll packing, the size is also varies to choose.


3) Artificial boxwood planter

They are used for short-term lease. Such as wedding situation, or festival decoration. According to the removable foundation, they are recycled. So this kind of products are very economical friendly.


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