How to DIY make an artificial green wall

  • 2017-05-18 17:09:16

  Every artwork starts with a blueprint in your mind of what effect you want to achieve at last. Artificial green wall creation&installation is also a time- and intelligence-consuming process. Today, we will take our office logo wall transformation as an example to introduce you the steps to diy an artistic green wall.

  First of all, measure the installed wall sizes. According to the sizes, you can draw the on the paper proportionally with grid then you have to decide where to put the logo, which kind you gonna use for each part for maximum beauty and prepare enough artificial plants for the project. After these design works, next step is to mark the position of the logo on the panel. The last but not least, you have to put all in practice. Snap and clip the corresponding artificial plants onto the panels. It is a time-consuming hard work of installing artificial green wall if the project is too large. You can consult professional installation team for help as well.

  However, it is a rewarding process full of fun. That is where art born with amazing looks. Sunwing artificial greenery are really full of magical power.


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